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Witness the dance of the Lactic Mites, loyal custodians of the Whey Lines,
whose humble existence preserves the magic that feeds our lands and fills our hides.
— Elder Lactomancer Corabella Spicebrew
Lactic Mites, with their inconspicuous presence, wield a profound influence on the fabric of Culinaria's magical landscape. As medics of the Whey Lines, they play a vital role in shaping the destiny of the kingdom, leaving an indelible mark on its history, culture, and culinary practices.
This Is The Whey
The Whey Lines are powerful energy pathways that connect key locations and sources of magic. They are mined for their power to create sentient food and conduct culinary magic.
A Balancing Act
Lactic Mites are sensitive to disruptions. Any disturbances or misuse of the magical energy can affect their well-being and lead to potential consequences for the entire realm.

A Symbol of Power

Despite their tiny size, the Lactic Mites showcase that true power lies not in might but in the delicate balance between protection and nurturing. Their presence serves as a reminder that even the most humble beings can wield a profound influence, symbolizing unity, collaboration, and the transformative potential of shared power.  
Culinary artisans and chefs revere Lactic Mites as celestial blessings. It is a common belief that dishes prepared in areas where they thrive possess an otherworldly essence. The symbol of the Lactic Mite is often carved into the base of culinary buildings in hopes to connect it to the magic of the Whey Lines.
In a remarkable discovery, seasoned Lactomancers have observed that the Lactic Mites exhibit distinctive patterns of movement during celestial events. These celestial dances provide invaluable insight into the alignment of the Whey Lines, aiding in the prediction of magical anomalies during cosmic phenomena.
Francis the Lactic Mite
Origin Location: Lactasia
Size: Microscopic (0.2mm - 0.3mm)
Lifespan: 6 to 8 months
Reproduction: Asexual, prolific breeding in the presence of magical energy
Symbiotic Harmony
The Lactic Mites formed a harmony with the lines that has sustained them both throughout the ages. The Mites, with their voracious appetite for harmful pathogens and parasites, acted as natural defenders, ensuring their continued health and vitality.   In turn, the Whey Lines provided a nurturing environment for the Lactic Mites, offering sustenance and a safe haven for them to propagate. This mutual dependency forged a bond between these tiny creatures and the magical energy that coursed through the kingdom.


Origins in Lactasia
The Lactomancers, skilled practitioners of both magic and dairy craftsmanship, recognized the importance of preserving the Whey Lines, the lifeblood of their magical world.   Through their profound understanding of the intricate balance between nature and mysticism, the Lactomancers delicately crafted the Lactic Mites. These microscopic organisms were designed to thrive within the crevices, where they would serve as protectors and guardians.   The Whey Lines extended their reach throughout the entire realm of Culinaria, weaving their way through diverse landscapes and connecting distant kingdoms. Wherever they went, the Lactic Mites followed, ensuring the preservation and vitality of these magical conduits. Their presence became a testament to the enduring legacy of the Lactomancers and their commitment to safeguarding the mystical heritage of Culinaria.
In the heart of the Whey Lines, Francis the Lactic Mite and his merry companions stumbled upon a strange looking creature munching on their home: a menacing Peri-perisite!   Quick as lightning, the mites darted into action, surrounding the intruder. With synchronized precision, they danced and twirled, drawing the Peri-perisite's attention away.   Meanwhile, Francis hatched a plan. He dashed through the glowing lines, gathering their potent magic within himself. Empowered by their energy, Francis launched himself at the creature and took a bite.   And then another bite. And another.   The Peri-perisite recoiled, writhed, and tried to retreat, but it was too late. In a blink, the creature was gone and in its place stood a full Francis.   Cheers erupted as the mites celebrated their victory. With their home safe once more, they returned to their playful lives, knowing that as long as they stood united, the Whey Lines would forever be protected. Francis the Lactic Mite became a hero, revered by all for his bravery and unwavering loyalty to their enchanting home.


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Probably the first mites I've ever seen and would consider cute!

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