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I love visiting with a tea witch. They're the most graceful, gracious, giving individuals I've met. They'll let you know when you've overstayed your welcome but never make you feel unwanted.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Conjurers of comfort, the Tea Witches are individuals dedicated to creating
safe spaces for travelers throughout Herbacium.
General Location: Herbacium
Population: Unknown
Alternative Names: Tealocks
Demand: Moderate

Steeped in Magic

Becoming A Tea Witch

All those wishing to become a Tea Witch take on an apprenticeship with either a working Tea Witch, a retired Tea Witch, or a family member trained in the art of tea.  
Life as a Tea Witch
Tea Witches live a relatively solitary life outside of their business and clients. Growing their own gardens of supplies and making their shops in their own homes, the cottages are often incredibly cozy and seasonally stocked.  
Tea Time
Every Tea Witch longs for a peaceful tea time. The most frequently requested service, individuals buy chunks of time to be served tea, fortunes read, stories told, and good times shared.
Beautiful Blends
Tea Witches craft their own custom blends infused with a variety of magic. Adventurers should check the blend before consumption.

Herbed Berry

Advantage Blend
White tea, orange peel, strawberry, blackberry, basil, and butterfly pea flower.
  An herbal blend with strong notes of basil and strawberry, Herbed Berry brings luck to those who partake. Best served chilled.
When you drink this tea, you gain Blessing on one roll of your choice that you make within the next 24 hours.

Citrus Wellbeing

Healing Blend
Rooibos, orange peel, echinacea, ginseng, hibiscus, lemon peel, honey, and ginger root.   When feeling low, Citrus Wellbeing is just the thing to boost your health. Many start their day with this blend to ensure they begin in full spirits, praising the warm tingle.  
When you drink this tea, you gain 2d6 + 4 hit points

The Kitchen of a Tea Witch


Tea Tools

  Tea Kettle: Most often made of clay, a Tea Witch will have a variety of kettles paired to their specific blends. The tea will seep into the clay and develop a deeper flavor over time. Some kettles, and thus blends, have been passed down for generations.   Infuser: Designed to hold loose tea leaves and blends, Tea Witches own individually-sized and batch-sized infusers. They are set into boiling water to allow the tea to seep with easy straining.   Scale: Although many Tea Witches work by sight and feel, some choose to use precise scales to measure out their ingredients. Properly weighed blends are rare and most often seen in wealthy towns.
Types of Teas
Black, white, green, oolong, rooibos, matcha, etc.
Herb Garden
Basil, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, ginger, etc.
Infused Honeys and Syrups
Left to seep with herbs, fruit, and other flavors.


Sleepy Sundays

Lila breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the greenery-covered cottage nestled among the forest trees.


The facade appeared old and worn by nature and time, the purple door a pop of welcomed color. Lila approached slowly, removing her pointed hat as she pushed the door open.


"Marion? Are you home, love?" Lila placed her hat on a nearby table, quickly unzipping her boots and kicking them off to the side. Tiny paws plodded against the creaky wooden floors, a small, black cat curling its tail around Lila's leg. "Yanis! Oh, come here darling. Ooh, you've gained quite some heft since I last visited."


"He's caught a number of pests recently. I can't help but spoil him. Who else would I spoil while you're away?" Marion rounded a corner wearing a flowing, flowery fabric cinched at the waist. She brushed her mop of red hair from her eyes, pulling it back in a loose bun before entering the room and lifting her arms, tugging Lila into a tight hug.


"Oh, I've missed you. Never again, okay? The trip was fantastic but I'd never want to experience it again without you." Lila cupped Marion's chin, running her thumb along the woman's cheek. "How's the cottage? Many clients while I was away?"


As if on cue, footsteps fall on the floor above them, the sound of water draining slinking through the pipes.


"We still have a guest upstairs but they'll be out this afternoon. Plenty of time for us to catch up." Marion took Lila's hand from her face, massaging the sore joints of her fingers before kissing each fingertip. "Come, let's have a cup and you can tell me every detail." Marion led Lila to the kitchen table, seating her and starting the water to boil.


The smell of sage and sandalwood filled the space, soothing any who entered the cottage. Lila breathed in the calm, tickled pink to finally be back home with Marion. This was what she wanted: a quiet life of comfort and love.


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