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Y'all thought the Saladmanders were just a bunch of leafy lettuces, but let me tell ya, don't turn your back on that Slawcerer or you might find yourself in a real pickle. Cute but chaotic and quick with a stabby stab.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Who is the Slawcerer?

As the sidekick to the Bunslinger, the Slawcerer's motives and objectives remain shrouded in secrecy. Some whisper that their sinister powers are harnessed to protect the Burger Plains from threats that dwell in the shadows, while others believe their intentions are far more malevolent. To those within the Griddle Syndicate, they know the Slawcerer simply as Cole Sprout.   Cole is an eccentric Saladmander who stands out even among her colorful and quirky kin. She has a perpetually sunny disposition, an insatiable appetite for adventure, and an uncanny knack for finding herself in the most absurd situations. Cole is incredibly naïve and blissfully unaware of the dangers around her. She's irresistibly drawn to anything shiny, particularly magical artifacts, often leading her into misadventures.   Despite her mischievous nature and penchant for chaos, Cole's innocence and enthusiasm are endearing to those around her. She brings a sense of joy and whimsy to even the most serious of moments, making her an invaluable companion to the Bunslinger and the Griddle Syndicate.  
Hi! Hello! Can you hold this? No, a little higher - perfect. Okay, don't move! I think if I aim this muzzle above your hand - Hey, wait! Where you goin'?!
-Cole Sprout, the Slawcerer
Status: Bebopping beside the Bunslinger
Residence: Burger Plains
Occupation: Sidekick
Species: Saladmander
Religion: Muffini
Living Muffini
As a practicing Muffini, Cole follows the path of the Chocolate Chip Muffin. Cole Sprout's unwavering devotion to the Chocolate Chip Muffin is rooted in her unyielding pursuit of joy and frivolity. To Cole, the Chocolate Chip Muffin represents the embodiment of life's simple pleasures, encapsulated in every warm, gooey bite of this delectable treat.
Cole's Bedroom
Cole's Room
Cole lives with the Fizzriders at Patty's Crossroads, a rowdy tavern within the Burger Plains. Nobody else is allowed within the sacred walls of the Slaw Sanctuary, as Cole has dubbed it. Patty tries her best to keep an eye on everything that goes into Cole's room to make sure it hasn't been stolen and won't rot. There are times Cole has been caught with delicate items not entirely safe in the Slaw Sanctuary.

Items Confiscated from Cole

Dragonfire Chili Pepper: This fiery red chili pepper is said to have been plucked from the garden of a real dragon. Consuming it is rumored to grant the eater temporary fire-breathing abilities.
Cursed Cooking Knife: A beautifully ornate, but cursed, cooking knife with an intricate handle. Cole found it in an abandoned kitchen and thought it was just a decorative piece.
Ancient Recipe Scroll: A dusty, ancient scroll containing a recipe for a dish that, if prepared incorrectly, can summon a mischievous culinary spirit.


The Slawcerer, known to her kin as Cole Sprout, hails from the heart of the Burger Plains, a region renowned for its culinary mysteries. Born into a vibrant Saladmander community, Cole was always an oddity among her leafy lettuce kindred. From a young age, she displayed an insatiable curiosity that frequently landed her in trouble.   While exploring the sprawling cabbage fields near her home, Cole stumbled upon a hidden grove that exuded an otherworldly aura. At its center lay an ancient coleslaw bowl, adorned with mystical symbols and vibrant colors. Drawn by an irresistible urge, she reached out to touch it, an intense surge of magical energy coursed through her. Confused and bewildered by her newfound powers, Cole embarked on a quest to understand her abilities.  
It was during this time of self-discovery that she encountered the Bunslinger, a legendary adventurer known throughout the Burger Plains. Impressed by her unique blend of magical abilities and her unwavering enthusiasm for adventure, the Bunslinger extended an invitation to Cole to join the Griddle Syndicate.
Cole Sprout embodies the true essence of our journey: a dash of flavor, a pinch of magic, and a lot of heart. Although I wish she'd shower a bit more often. To most, she's a salad, crisp and refreshing. But to me, she's a whole buffet of joy.
- Charbroil Patty
  Together, Cole and the Bunslinger ventured into the culinary unknown, unraveling ancient recipes, combating culinary monstrosities, and forging bonds with fellow adventurers. The pair grew closer and Cole got to know the Tauric behind the Bunslinger name - Charbroil Patty. Cole's infectious optimism added a unique dimension to Patty's quests, often turning dire situations into memorable escapades. As the Slawcerer, Cole Sprout has become a beloved figure in the Burger Plains, celebrated for her ability to bring joy and wonder to even the most perilous adventures.

Notable Adventures

The Burger Bandit's Heist
A notorious burger bandit was stealing secret burger recipes from the greasiest joints across Culinaria. The Bunslinger and the Slawcerer tracked down the thief and, through a series of ingenious traps and challenges, convinced them to turn their talents toward creating the ultimate burger, bringing peace to the burger-loving communities.
The Devious Delilemma
A beloved deli in Fizztopia was in danger of going out of business due to a rival deli's aggressive marketing tactics. The Bunslinger and the Slawcerer organized a "Deli-Off," pitting the two delis against each other in a friendly competition that boosted both businesses and strengthened their bonds with the local community. The event got the owners of the deli to talk and realize they could maintain different corners of the market without stealing each other's business and came to a peaceful agreement.
The Great Pickle Predicament
A massive pickle shortage threatened to ruin sandwiches everywhere. The duo embarked on a cross-country journey to find the legendary Pickle Sage, who could restore pickle prosperity. Along the way, they encountered challenges like navigating the treacherous "Sweet Swamp" and convincing the skeptical Pickle Sage to share the secret of perfect pickles. In the end, they were able to convince the Pickle Sage to cast a spell on the cucumber plants of Culinaria to create megacukes, leading to delicious megapickles and reversing the pickle shortage.
The Cheese Caper
Prior to the Bunslinger, Cole worked alongside hard boiled detective Eggward Benedict to catch a cheese thief that was stealing the finest cheeses from burger and deli shops. Eggward and Cole pursued the thief, uncovering their true motivation: to create the most extraordinary grilled cheese sandwich ever. Together, they helped the cheese thief achieve their culinary dreams and returned the stolen cheeses.

Slawcerer's Abilities

Cabbage Shield
The Slawcerer creates a protective cabbage shield that can withstand attacks. It forms a durable barrier to safeguard the Bunslinger and allies during combat.
By serving a helping of coleslaw, the Slawcerer inspires the Bunslinger and their companions, boosting their morale and enhancing their abilities.
Toss and Teleport
The Slawcerer creates a mayo portal. The Bunslinger and the Slawcerer rapidly shift locations within the range of this magical ability, making for an effective escape tactic.  

What's In Cole's Pockets?

  • Coleslaw Ingredients: Fresh cabbages, carrots, radishes, and other salad greens.
  • Mayo Jar: An unending jar of mayonnaise.
  • Salad Dressing Vials: Small vials containing a variety of magical salad dressings, each with unique effects when added to her coleslaw.
  • Shiny Trinkets: Cole's bag is often filled with random trinkets she's picked up.
  • Emergency Snacks: A stash of snacks to satisfy her sudden cravings, including crackers, cheese, and pickles.


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