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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!

The 2023 World Anvil Worldbuilding Awards

Hellooo! I hope you've had a wonderful year so far.
  I've been busy as heck getting a bunch of projects together, finishing up some work remaining from last year, and completing the fun unofficial challenges from this month, but I wanted to take a minute to shout out the articles I've submitted to WAWA this year.

Culinarypunk has seen a major overhaul in the last year. Does anyone remember the original branding?
  Last year, Culinarypunk was awarded Best New World and Cotton Candy Dwarves were awarded Rise of Nations (And I can't forget the Extinction Event in Beckettville for Myths & Legends!) and I think I'm just starting to come down from that shock. Culinarypunk has grown in ways I never could have predicted. This time last year there were less than 50 Culinarians and this year I'm blown away to see the population nearly triple. Rather than continue to babble, you can read my further reflections on the year in my New Years Resolutions article.

Now, let's move on to the entries.


Hearts & Minds

Species | Mar 16, 2024
A close relative to the graceful Trottelini, Gallopini are a large, striking race of Tauric Folk with cascading pasta manes that sway with every powerful step.
  Gallopini are imposing beings with thick humanoid bodies, bull heads, and long flowing manes of pasta ribbons. Adults stand 6-7 feet tall with sturdy muscular frames weighing 600-800 lbs.

Rise of Nations

Organization | Mar 16, 2024
The Pastryarchy stands as the preeminent authority in Chaff, blending the artistry of baking with the might of a military force. Led by the esteemed Grand Pâtissier-General, this organization shapes the identity of Chaff, ensuring that every citizen is not only well-fed but delights in the perfection of pastries.
Wheatstone Citadel.jpg


Wondrous Nature

Geographic Location | May 3, 2023
Thanks to the BecCanal, our citizens can bask in the holy waters of our mineral springs any time! The canal's creation was sponsored by the Beckett family in the early years of our town to bring the cool, healing waters of the mineral springs down through the city of Beckettville. This not only provided an easy, cheap source of water for our city, but also filled out our delightful Beckett Lake!

Strength & Honour

Whey War 2
Military Conflict | Mar 16, 2024
The Second Whey War erupted across Culinaria as kingdoms clashed in a bitter struggle for control over the whey points. Instigated by aggressors like militant Silpharium and chaotic-neutral hive Pollenesia, years of grinding conflict saw noble defenders Simmeroon, Lactasia and others withstand relentless sieges.


Pillars of Progress

Whey Lines
Material | Mar 16, 2024
Across the continents of Culinaria exists a network of powerful energy pathways known as the Whey Lines. These conduits connect key locations and sources of magic, channeling arcane energy that influences every kingdom. They were mined for their power by early Culinarians to gift sentience.

Myths & Legends

Character | Mar 11, 2024
Burgermeister Bünther Flamburg was a legendary leader in the Burger Plains. With his spatula of gold and his grill of steel, he transformed the Burger Plains into a paradise of patties and a haven of hamburgers. He was immortalized in the song "Brave Burgermeister" by Tempo Tater.


Best Worldbuilding Article

Tea Witch
Profession | Mar 16, 2024
Conjurers of comfort, the Tea Witches are individuals dedicated to creating safe spaces for travelers throughout Herbacium.
  Tea Witches craft their own custom blends infused with a variety of magic. Adventurers should check the blend before consumption.



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