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Don't get on a Gallopini's bad side. No, they're not any meaner than any other, it's just a rude thing to do. Also, a Gallopini lands a brutal punch.
— Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

A close relative to the graceful Trottelini, Gallopini are a large, striking race of Tauric Folk
with cascading pasta manes that sway with every powerful step.
General Location: Chaff
Population: Low
Lifespan: 150-200 years
Size: 6'-7', Medium

Noodling Around Culinaria

Gallopini Silhouette

Naming Traditions

Family Names: Alfredon, Marinarus, Pestonus, Scampian
Given Names: Farrbio, Orzon, Ravion, Zitius

Physical Pastabilities

Gallopini are imposing beings with thick humanoid bodies, bull heads, and long flowing manes of pasta ribbons. Adults stand 6-7 feet tall with sturdy muscular frames weighing 600-800 lbs.  
A Gallopini’s mane and tail are composed of thick, prehensile pasta that grows continuously. Hair ranges wildly—spaghetti strands, penne ridges, bowties and more. The mane is a point of personal pride, with braiding indicating milestones completed.  
Growth Cycle
Gallopini experience three phases. Initially, soft semolina strands sprout around 10 years and must be shielded until densifying into wheat strands by 30. Full manes with decorative possibilities appear by 60, marking the adult phrase of life. These manes remain healthy and strong until around 150, when increasing frailty necessitates mane trimming each decade.
Through manipulated vocal chord vibration, Gallopini can generate a complex language of hums, grunts and lows at frequencies below standard hearing range. Linguists speculate ancient Gallopini developed Tagliatongue as a way to issue commands, coordinate herd movement or warn of threats across vast distances when roaming beyond visual contact. This subsonic speech eventually evolved into a fully nuanced tongue.   The inability for other races to eavesdrop makes Tagliatongue an extremely secure method to exchange sensitive information, discuss strategy, or mislead enemies on battlefields. For most Gallopini, casual Tagliatongue supplements but does not supplant traditional speech. Yet subtle lowing underscores herds at markets, betrothed couples murmuring affections, or respected village elders issuing sagely guidance.

Holy Cannelloni

Tracing lineages to the ancient deity Pastauri, divine Gallopini and Trottelini lore holds that ages ago the Titan Tagliatelle emerged from magical gluten depths below the Buckwheat Thickets, breathing life into the first beasts given flowing pasta manes and horns. They maintain a close connection with Pastauri, resulting in many Gallopini following a religious path in life.   Seeking to share pasta’s gift across realms, Gallopini missionary groups left behind the Trottelini and traveled far, spreading their miraculous strands through the joy of scampi song while feeding hungry towns. Centuries passed until yearning for their homeland prompted a great Gallopini migration to the then-empty plains that would become Chaff. Their coming fulfilled ancient prophecies foretelling that once all pasta creatures gathered in one realm, endless abundance shall bless the land. Indeed at their arrival, precious grain burst forth in spectacle ending a great plague. In tribute, Gallopini raised the grateful capital Grainspire on the spot.
Pastauri blesses a range of pasta-based religious orders around Culinaria, with many based in Chaff.  
  • Order of Al Dente Devotion
  • Basilic Order of Aromatic Blessings
  • Order of Pasta Penance
  • Mystics of Marinara Illumination
  • Saffron Sect of Divine Infusion

Famous Gallopini

Zitia Marinarus
Zitia Marinarus
This Gallopini Tea Witch served as Royal Tea Master for six decades. When the dastardly Lord Lactan poisoned Grand Pâtissier-General Risotto’s royal banquet broth, Zitia sensed the toxin’s source and saved the kingdom from turmoil. Although she passed away nearly a century ago, her statue was purchased by Pappa Farfelle and displayed in the window of Farfelle & Sons to keep her in memory. Legends spread that visiting Zitia and commiting her name to memory grants the worthy a Blessing.
While a member of the city militia, Pappa Farfelle’s mane captured dangerous fugitives when he entangled the group until authorities swarmed the scene. The Mayor honored Pappa’s bravery with a key to the city wrought in gold penne. Pappa retired from the militia to open his long-awaited restaurant Farfelle & Sons, which serves his signature purple basil corn gnocchi in rich scampi sauce alongside Culinaria’s finest ales. His two sons help manage the bustling, beloved eatery in downtown Grainspire.
Pappa Farfelle
Pappa Farfelle

Of Penne and Gallopini

Rigatony dusted off the remnants of his latest journey and adjusted the straps of his trusty pack. Standing before the familiar storefront of Farfelle & Sons, he marveled at the timeless beauty of Saint Zitia's statue in the window. The pasta-maned saint, with candles flickering at her base, was a symbol of comfort for weary travelers like Rigatony.   His quest for glory had taken him from the frost-dusted peaks to the sweltering spice valleys of Culinaria over the past five years. Despite the acclaim and fortune he garnered, nothing quite compared to the warmth that enveloped him as he pushed open the cheery yellow door. The spicy, garlic-kissed air welcomed him.   "Pappa! I'm back!" Rigatony's voice resonated through the cozy eatery.   "Pasta be praised! Tony, my boy, you've returned!" Pappa leaped over the counter and embraced the younger Gallopini. Tony struggled for a moment before going limp and letting his father jostle him around.   The patrons joined in the enthusiastic welcome, hoisting tankards and urging Rigatony to share his tales. With a hearty appetite, he devoured a heaping platter of Penne Pepperacino. As he savored each flavorful bite, the stories of his adventures spilled out, filling the air with tales of daring escapades and mythical encounters.   Full in both belly and spirit, Rigatony rose from his seat and approached the shrine of Saint Zitia. Bowing his head, he sought the saint's blessing for his next adventure. A sublime glow enveloped Rigatony's pasta mane. The weary adventurer smiled, feeling the comforting embrace of home fortifying him for the journey ahead.   Maybe another bowl of penne first.


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