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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!
It's the most wonderful time of the year - Halloween! As always, we get to dive into Spooktober this year! 13 prompts of the spooky, scary variety. Are you ready for some ghastly fun?
If you'd like to see the other Anvilites' entries for Spooktober, check them out here!
So, what are my plans for this Spooktober? Nobody is getting ignored this year! You can expect content from all of my worlds! Click the images below to see the associated article!
Beckettville: I think we're due for some new articles and revealing a few chilling details about the world of Beckettville.
Culinarypunk: Nothing too spooky here! I like to keep this world a bit more playful and fun, so when I can twist a prompt to be on the campier side, it'll go in Culinarypunk.
Eldrispace: The new baby of the family, Eldrispace is a cosmic horror space western floating in an endless frontier of fright. Expect spookiness from Eldrispace entries.
Skull image created by Amy on Pixabay

Beckettville 2



Recently Revived
Recently Revived
Article. Beckettville.
Come meet our beloved Recently Revived! They're dying to meet you.


Devoted Memorial Archive
Article. Beckettville.
An archive of those who have crossed to another path.

Culinarypunk 3



Rubs of Enchantment
Article. Culinarypunk.
A new way to spice up your spellcasting!


The Sinister Stalker Strikes
Fiction. Culinarypunk.
A short pulpy story from detective Eggward Benedict.


The Morning Brewdunit
Fiction. Culinarypunk.
Hard boiled egg detective Eggward Benedict is back and in hot pursuit of a caffeine conundrum!

Eldrispace 6



Moon Illness
Article. Eldrispace.
Moon Illness drains its victims, feeding the moon-like entities that orbit Lamneth.
TW: Body Horror, Death


Fiction. Eldrispace.
Teera hasn't been well after catching the gaze of a moon, and the town would prefer not to look.
TW: Cosmic Horror, Death


Fiction. Eldrispace.
Wyatt has taken notice of the moon and wishes to never look away.
TW: Body Horror, Death


Unknown Transmission
Audio. Eldrispace.
A lone transmission picked up on the edges of Eldrispace.


Drifting Ship
Pixel Art. Eldrispace.
A ship fades away into the void of space.


Article. Eldrispace.
Psionic species from Ethnarel with articulating mandibles.


The Void
Article. Eldrispace.
Playing around with ways to display categories.


Zisne Artifact
Article. Eldrispace.
A low level artifact being used in Eldrispace.


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