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Rubs are some of my favorite flavor blasts to add to a spell. Need a little boost? Just add a sprinkle of Emberglaze and start the party!
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Some believe rubs were crafted by a long-forgotten master of spice magic, while others speculate that it was a gift from benevolent food deities. Regardless of its origin, its effects have been the subject of fascination and study for generations.   The primary function of the Rub of Enchantment is to empower spellcasters and magical practitioners, granting them heightened abilities and versatility in their arcane endeavors. When applied to one's skin or sprinkled onto magical implements, the Rub of Enchantment can produce a range of effects:  


  The Rub of Enchantment presents itself as a finely powdered mixture with a rich and earthy aroma. Its color can vary, from deep forest greens to fiery reds, depending on the specific blend and potency of the rub. When held in one's palm, it feels slightly warm to the touch, radiating a subtle, soothing energy.


When applied to meats and grilled over an open flame, the Emberglaze Rub enhances the flavor and infuses the food with a subtle smoky essence.
Grants a +1 bonus to your Strength-based rolls.
The Frostspire Rub imparts a refreshing chill to dishes when sprinkled before serving.
Provides resistance to cold-based damage.
Perfect for nocturnal rituals, the Etherspice Rub enhances one's ability to perceive and manipulate the ethereal realms.
Gain a +1 bonus to Cognition-based rolls.
Molten Core
The Molten Core Rub intensifies the heat, turning even mild foods into blazing feasts.
Grants a +1 bonus to your Constitution-based rolls.
The Aetherglow Rub imparts an otherworldly shimmer to foods, making them seem ethereal.
Reduce the chances of spellcasting mishaps by half.
Zephyr Zest
Designed for culinary wind wizards, the Zephyr Zest Rub infuses dishes with an airy lightness.
Gain the ability to levitate (as if under the Float spell).

Usage and Application

To harness the power of the Rub of Enchantment, one must apply it thoughtfully and intentionally:   Skin Application: Spellcasters can rub a small quantity onto their skin before spellcasting. The warmth of the body activates the rub's magical properties.   Weapon and Implements: Some prefer to dust their magical instruments or weapons with the rub, enhancing the potency of their attacks and spellcasting.   Inscriptions and Symbols: For those who prefer a subtler approach, inscribing runes or symbols with the rub onto surfaces or objects can imbue them with magical qualities.  
Cautions and Warnings
Overuse or improper application can lead to magical imbalances and unpredictable consequences. If used twice in a row without a turn between, spells become twice as likely to backfire. Users are advised to exercise caution and moderation when incorporating the rub into their practices.


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