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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!
Happy New Year! How the heck is it 2024 already? 2023 was a wild year full of change and growth, but I'm glad it's come to an end. Time for a fresh start.  
Join in on the Resolution challenge and reflect on the year with us!
Well, it's been a rough year, hasn't it? CW loss
It's been a year of too many heavy, personal losses and difficult changes. Multiple family members, family pets, and friends. Each time I started to grow out of grief, another loss came around the corner. It left me uninspired and exhausted. Thankfully, I have a great support system, got the help I need, and I find myself looking at 2024 with reckless optimism.

Looking Back


This year started with a bang. Culinarypunk was awarded Best New World in the 2023 Worldbuilding Awards and ended the year hitting 100 Culinarians! I really can't believe it, thank you so much to everyone who follows this world! Knowing there are people looking forward to this silly world keeps me going. I love to make people laugh and Culinarypunk gives me one of the best outlets to be creative and goofy.
Thank you again for your support <3   Culinarypunk was also recognized as a Featured World!! I can't count how many times I refreshed the page the first time I saw this, I just couldn't believe my eyes. It's such an honor to be recognized and I hope to make the community proud in 2024.  
Articles from 2023

Quests & Quarrels

I've been making progress on my TTRPG system, Quests & Quarrels. The basic rules and mechanics are developed and the starting skill trees are nearly complete! There have also been major changes, including a complete rewrite of the Social Proficiency mechanic so it can be used to enhance storytelling rather than limit gameplay.   Light playtesting began during 2023. Balancing fair gameplay with interesting character creation was a struggle, but breaking things has led to a few fixes that I believe will let players craft their unique characters without sacrificing fun.  


Very little has happened in Beckettville, primarily due to an overhaul in the unreleased lore. I needed to rework a major aspect of the world before I could write articles about the Recently Revived and the citizens of Beckettville. Some of the revisions are still happening and I'll be going back to rewrite some old articles this year to reflect the updates.
Articles from 2023

New Worlds

2023 saw the creation of two new worlds: Eldrispace is a cosmic horror space opera while Reverium is a high fantasy. It's been fun stretching my muscles in other genres. I'm still new to this whole writing thing and although horror has always felt like my home genre, having opportunities to explore other genres has helped me find new inspirations and discover what I really want to do in my work. This will continue into 2024, but Culinarypunk and Beckettville will be my main worlds going forward.  

Looking Forward



2023 was not a social year for me but that will change in 2024. I'll not only be getting more involved with community challenges, I'll be pushing myself to be more vocal in the WorldAnvil discord. I pop in during events here and there, but I feel weird jumping in out of nowhere. I shouldn't, though. Everyone in the WorldAnvil community is always so warm and welcoming, there's so much inspiring talent in there every day. I think this will also help with my consistency. By being more connected to the community itself, I hope to grow out of my inconsistency issues.   I also feel like I don't know as many worlds as I'd like to know. Almost every week I discover a new world I'd never seen before with a bunch of followers and I'm shocked it flew under my radar. People like Kummer Wolfe help point to amazing new work on their list. This year I'll be spending time each month exploring new worlds and getting to know as many settings as I can, starting with my reading list for this month's challenge.  


I've spent 2023 working on my art style behind the scenes. I'll be making a major effort to switch out all of the art to a new style free of AI tools. I started using AI as a tool in my art process the last two years. You can see the process in this article, and follow along with the changes here.   I'm excited to share the new style with a sneak peek at a new pumpkin-based species in Culinaria. Surprise! It's not just the purple art, I'm doing full color! Mashing the silly with the serious is one of my favorite hobbies and I think this new style will let me showcase that vibe.
Sneak peek at a new world coming soon:


Twin colossi encased in eternal strife host civilizations in their eroding intricacies. In the heart of these warring statues, Valorvein pulses—a gritty marble dreamscape where occult techno-arcane marvels meet neon-lit mineral monoliths.

The Year Ahead

First Quarter
Recoup. Review. Renew. Now that I'm back from New York, I'm doing a review of 2023 and taking stock of things that still need to be done. Once I have things scheduled and planned out, I'll be going over my worlds and giving them a lil touch up on CSS and style. I'll also be launching my new world, Valorvein, during this time.
Second Quarter
Huge art overhaul! I'll be working all year on replacing the art in Culinarypunk with new, original, art. And time for another one shot! I have a few ideas but I'm not sure while I'll go with. I usually do a Beckettville one shot, and I think I'll still get one of those out this year, but I'd really like to get one in Culinarypunk.
Third Quarter
Summercamp! One of my favorite events, Summercamp always helps me build out interesting places in my worlds. I also really enjoyed being a judge last year. I would love to do it for both Summercamp and WorldEmber, but it feels unfair to the people I'd be judging because I'm in NY for half the judging period in January. I like to take time and read through articles without rushing, so I'll likely stick with sponsoring prompts during Summercamp only. August is usually my rest month, but this year my sister is getting married! Halfway through August I'll be flying back to New York to be her matron of honor and celebrate with the family.
Fourth Quarter
Expect to see an influx in spooky content during October. Halloween is my favorite holiday and horror is my favorite genre, so I take the entire month to bask in the immaculate vibes of spooky season. I would really love to release a solo TTRPG about trick or treating-like traditions in Culinarypunk, but we'll seeee~ November may end up being a bit of a rest month for me where I can spend some time recharging before the holiday rush. And then it's WorldEmber! As always, I'll be leaving for the holidays so my WorldEmber is cut a bit short, but I'll be taking advantage of any time I have at home to complete the challenge.

Looking Outward

Articles from Around the Anvil

Time for some reading! I specifically set out with the goal of reading worlds I hadn't explored yet. While on vacation, I read a bunch of articles from the worlds I already know and love, but for this challenge I wanted to branch out further.


Other Articles From Worlds I Love

I didn't want to leave anyone out, so here are some links to articles I loved from worlds I already followed during WorldEmber.

A Very WADY WorldEmber

Did you know We Aren't Dead Yet is now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music? Listen to episode one of our podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform!

Cagewire 2079

Well dang, Sapha said "hold my whiskey" and went wild this WorldEmber. It was hard to decide which to feature, so I'm shamelessly popping this and this here for you to also check out, but the storyboard for Cagewire 2079 is incredibly inspiring and makes me want to start storyboarding my own stories in a similar way. Original art, sleek cyberpunk CSS, and great music inspiration on top of the stellar writing style I've already come to love from Sapha's work.
CageWire 2079
Plot | Dec 31, 2023

Fun on the Beach

If you're looking for some awesome mini games to add to your campaigns, Dazz has you all set! I would be thrilled to have a DM pop any of these in a game. Dazz has been working on her CSS and formatting skills recently and it's totally showing off in this article. She's also been developing Meaty Bones all year behind the scenes and it's been fascinating to watch, check it out here!
Fun On The Beach
Plot | Apr 19, 2024


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I hope you have a much less rough year this year than last year. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new art! :D Great choices for features too.

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Jan 13, 2024 20:46 by Emily Armstrong

Thank you <3 It's already looking like a fantastic year, I'm very excited :D New art will be releasing a few times a week and I'll be doing some art roundups of updated articles so people don't have to go hunting around to see what's been updated xD

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Hooray for getting so much done last year and good luck with your goals for this year! Nice to see I made the list of worlds you love! I love your worlds and I'm excited to see what your new worlds bring in the new year!

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Thank you, you too! I looove your space kitties, they're so much fun xD

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I love that you've gone for new worlds for the main portion of your Reading Challenge! :D and thank you for also including Monster Hunting!! <33 I can't wait to see all the art from you!! :D I really can't wait to see more from you this year! Hands down you have my favourite body of worlds from any author on WA, and it's going to be wonderful seeing more of you in the discord, in the events, in everything <3

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Thanks!! I'm excited to get more involved with everyone :D Best wishes for 2024!!

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And it was my pleasure, Ruby! I really enjoyed your work, I can't wait to read more :D I wanted to highlight people I haven't had a chance to explore before, so I spent some time digging through the WorldEmber entries for each category and I'm so glad I did! So many hidden gems like your Crystal Oscillation Machine, and reading through your other entries has been so cool. Really diggin' the vibes you catch in your writing :D Congrats on a very successful WorldEmber!!

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Thank you for the feature! Feeling sorry for stars is rarity on Ayonerra.   Good luck with your resolutions and hope you have fun with art!

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It was such a great read, fantastic job with the article! And thank you, I've been having too much fun with the art so far hahahah.

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