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Greetings, fellow anvilites, I am jandis.
I am a worldbuilder first and foremost but like to dabble in short prose and poetry when the mood hits me. I have a particular attachment to mythology and ancient history thanks to my father's retellings of greek tragedies and king arthur when I was a kid.
If you see me make blunt or stange comments here or on discord, then I appologise. I have been diagnosed autistic (high functioning) and have no clue as to what confers as proper social etiquette; some people in life have described me as a robot for this reason.
On worldanvil, I'm currently working on five seperate settings. Two are what I consider to near-completed whilst the other three have core concepts fleshed out but no articles present.
Resai is the only world I have public at this time. It has been largely neglected for several years but is the one I want to flesh out in the near future. Its core concept is focused on the contradictory nature that is historical accuracy...with a good portion of grimdark mixed in.
I appreciate all feedback or critique of my work, especially when it comes to prose. Most of all, it helps me create worlds where people can dive in headfirst and get lost in.

Interests & Hobbies

Archery, Woodworking, Mythology, Ancient history

Favorite Books

Saga of the seven suns, Black company, Warhammer / 40k, Xelle sequence, Lotr et al.

Favorite Writers

Kevin. J. Anderson, Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Frank Herbert, Peter V. brett, christopher G.Nuttall