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Serving as a Honorary Dough Diplomat has been a privilege. It's not just about baking; it's about preserving traditions and crafting the future of Culinaria, one perfectly risen pastry at a time.
— Ambassador Éclaira,Honorary Dough Diplomat
  The Pastryarchy stands as the preeminent authority in Chaff, blending the artistry of baking with the might of a military force. Led by the esteemed Grand Pâtissier-General, this organization shapes the identity of Chaff, ensuring that every citizen is not only well-fed but delights in the perfection of pastries.
Founded: 825 CA
Current Leader: Junipia Crustle
Primary Headquarters: Wheatstone Citadel
Symbol: The Ryelobite
Membership: 12,000+ members across all tiers


The Humble Beginnings of Greatness
(c. 600-800 CA)
Long before formal establishment, the kernels which would eventually form the Pastryarchy already showed signs of eventual greatness. Master bakers nurtured Chaff’s citizens with ever more inventive tasty delights crafted from the realm’s abundant blessing of grains. Though lacking centralized guidance, these innovative souls represented the early pioneers of pastry excellence.
The First Rise
(c. 825 CA)
Formalizing their fraternity, the visionary Crustopheles Doughwell helped shape disparate baking guilds and strategists into the first unified Pastryarchy, himself taking the mantle of inaugural Grand Pâtissier-General. This groundbreaking move cemented pastry prowess as a pillar of prestige and diplomacy for the nation.
A Golden Era of Growth
(c. 850-1100 CA)
The succeeding centuries saw creation of titles like the Confectionery Chancellor, formalizing Chaff’s global culinary influence. Guided by successive Grand Pâtissier-Generals, the realm shared its treasured baking riches with eager outsiders while continuing to pioneer new techniques and perfect recipes back home.
The Arcane Aromas Emerge
(c. 1100-1200)
As Culinaria’s mages blended sorcery into other disciplines, so too did the Pastryarchy welcome doughmancers into their sanctum. Guided by the Chief Doughmancer, these innovative minds unleashed a wave of doughy progress upon Chaff’s already exemplary pantheon of pastries.
Adaptation Through Upheaval
(c. 1200-1400)
When stability wavered from external threats menacing borders, the formerly food-focused Pastryarchy reorganized on more militaristic terms - establishing the vital Flourisher-In-Chief role to govern grain-centric strategy while introducing membership tiers granting hierarchical structure in times which required soldiering over soufflé.
An Evolving Organization
(c. 1400-1600)
While respecting generational traditions, savvy Pastryarchy leadership also continually updated approaches - weaving diplomacy efforts into Chaff’s time-honored baking institutions and sampling cutting-edge dough-centric discoveries.
The Enduring Symbol
(c. 1600 - Present)
Guided by leadership both strategically sound yet communally comforting like current Grand Pâtisser-General Junipia Crustle, the Pastryarchy remains strong. They have been unchallenged for leadership of Chaff, maintaining a tight but gentle hold on the plains.

The Mighty Ryelobite

The emblem of the Pastryarchy is an artfully crafted Ryelobite, an ancient species native to the fertile lands of Chaff. The Ryelobite symbolizes resilience, adaptability, and the timeless connection between Chaff's rich agricultural past and its thriving present.

Mission Statement

The central mission of the Pastryarchy is to uphold the culinary harmony and prosperity of Chaff through the mastery and preservation of baking arts.   Guided by the belief that a well-baked foundation is crucial for a thriving society, the Pastryarchy seeks to create a haven where the aroma of freshly baked goods permeates every household. Their mission emphasizes the role of baked delights as not just culinary pleasures but as essential elements of cultural identity.   The Pastryarchy's actions foster a sense of national pride around their baked goods. Decisions within the Pastryarchy are driven by a commitment to preserving traditional recipes, promoting innovation, and ensuring that the benefits of the baking arts are shared equitably among Chaff's diverse population.
The Pastryarchy places a high value on the craftsmanship and artistry involved in baking. They believe that each pastry is a work of art that reflects the skill and dedication of the baker.
Culinary Heritage
The Pastryarchy is committed to preserving traditional recipes passed down through generations while also encouraging innovation in pastry-making.
The joy of baked goods should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. They work to ensure that no one in Chaff goes without the simple pleasure of a delicious pastry.
Community Nourishment
Baked goods, in the eyes of the Pastryarchy, are not just sustenance for the body but nourishment for the soul. They value the role of pastries in fostering community bonds.

Structure and Hierarchy


Grand Pâtissier-General.png
Dough Diplomat

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

  • Grand Pâtissier-General
    Role: The highest-ranking position in the Pastryarchy.
    Responsibilities: Oversees the Pastryarchy and Ryegiment, and ensures that the mission and values are upheld. Acts as the representative of the Pastryarchy in important affairs.
  • Confectionery Chancellor
    Role: Second-in-command, assists the Grand Pâtissier-General in decision-making and policy implementation.
    Responsibilities: Manages day-to-day operations, serves as a mediator in internal disputes, and oversees the education and training of new bakers.
  • Chief Doughmancer
    Role: Head of the magical and alchemical aspects of baking.
    Responsibilities: Responsible for researching and implementing new magical baking techniques. Advises the Grand Pâtissier-General on matters related to enchanted pastries.
  • Flourisher-in-Chief
    Role: Manages the agricultural aspects of the grain nation.
    Responsibilities: Collaborates with farmers and oversees the Flourishing Squads responsible for maintaining grain fields.

Membership Tiers and Requirements

  • Honorary Dough Diplomat
    Requirements: Reserved for individuals who have significantly contributed to the global recognition of Chaff's pastry culture.
    Responsibilities: Serve as ambassadors in exchanges, contribute to policy discussions, and advise the Grand Pâtissier-General on diplomatic matters.
  • Master Pastry Artisan
    Requirements: Recognition of exceptional contributions to the baking community.
    Responsibilities: Lead initiatives, stands for the Pastryarchy in culinary competitions, and represents international baking alliances.
  • Journeyman of the Oven
    Requirements: Demonstrated proficiency in baking arts, completion of an apprenticeship.
    Responsibilities: Actively contribute to the production process, mentor apprentices, and participate in community events.
  • Apprentice Baker
    Requirements: Basic baking skills, a passion for pastry arts.
    Responsibilities: Undergo training, assist in production, and contribute to the preservation of traditional recipes.

The Royal Ryegiment

The Royal Ryegiment stands as the valiant military unit of the Pastryarchy. Rooted in centuries of tradition, this esteemed force blends culinary expertise with martial prowess, ensuring the safety and prosperity of Chaff's grain-infused lands.  
The Royal Ryegiment engages in a variety of activities, from routine patrols to protecting the Flourishing Squads. Daily operations involve maintaining the security of grain fields and participating in training exercises to hone their combat skills.
Baking Brigadier: The highest-ranking officer responsible for overall strategy and leadership.
Kernel Colonel: Commands the troops on the front lines and acts as grain arsenal specialist.

Flourishing Squads

The Flourishing Squads are dedicated to nurturing the nation's precious grain fields. Beyond their role in ensuring a steady supply of ingredients, these squads play a crucial part in defending Chaff's agricultural wealth during times of conflict.  
The Flourishing Squads plant, harvest, and experiment with agricultural techniques. Daily operations involve the meticulous care of grain fields, the development of new farming tools, and collaborating with the Royal Ryegiment for joint training exercises.
Squad Sower: Oversees planting and harvesting, ensuring optimal yield and quality of grains.
Royal Harvester: Utilizes enchanted tools to enhance the efficiency of the harvest.

Wheatstone Citadel

Nestled amidst waves of golden grain, Wheatstone Citadel is a majestic monument. This alabaster architectural marvel serves not only as the physical epicenter of the organization but also as a shelter for those in need.   Year to year, visitors to Wheatstone Citadel will find daily operations rather serene. Soft light filters through arched windows as mages shuffle to their workshops, gently levitating trays of perfectly glazed donuts behind them. The hypnotizing clinking of new glass vials being moved and hushed debates over optimal dough consistency permeate the inner sanctums. But every so often, delighted laughter erupts from the kitchens upon the creation of another marvel like croissants that refill themselves.
Wheatstone Citadel.jpg

International Baking Alliances
The Pastryarchy's involvement in baking alliances began a century ago. Seeking to elevate baking to new heights, the Pastryarchy initiated partnerships with renowned baking organizations, including the Guild of Confectionery Arts and the Global Doughcrafters' Consortium.
Bun and BBQ Compact
The Bun and BBQ Compact emerged from negotiations between the Pastryarchy and Simmeroon. The Pastryarchy commited to providing high-quality bread and buns tailored to complement Simmeroon's BBQ dishes. The compact outlines specifications for the types of bread and delivery logistics.
Creamery Coalition Accord
The Creamery Coalition Accord was crafted during a period of collaboration between the Pastryarchy and Lactasia. The Butterhood ensures a steady supply of dairy to Chaff. The accord outlines fair trade practices, quality standards, and delivery schedules to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.


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