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Our emblem, the Ryelobite, speaks to the adaptability of Chaff. Just as these creatures once navigated the labyrinthine tunnels of our soil, we navigate the complexities of our times, drawing strength from our agricultural roots.
— Scholar Gourmetius, Pastryarchy Historian
  The Ryelobites are icons of a bygone era. These ancient creatures once roamed the fertile lands, spreading rye seeds and taking care of smalls pests in the grain fields. Though long extinct, the imprint of their resilience and adaptability remains etched in the emblem of the Pastryarchy.  


The Ryelobites trace their origins back to the earliest days of Chaff's magical agricultural practices. Early farming mages experimenting with the Whey Lines enchanted their rye within the whey, bringing the tiny creatures to life.  
Acting as crop guardians and pest control, Ryelobites were essential in ensuring bountiful harvests in a volatile landscape. Their success made them icons of prosperity, prominently featured in ancient farmer prayers and harvest celebrations. After centuries guarding the grain fields, Ryelobite numbers mysteriously dwindled. Without their guardians, crops suffered from ravaging vermin. The last Ryelobite sighting occurred in 12 CA, marking their tragic extinction.
Thriving in ancient Chaff, Ryelobites carved intricate tunnels beneath the soil, creating vast interconnected networks. Their territories were marked by the presence of ancient rye fields, playing a crucial role in maintaining soil health during their existence.
  Their demise still confounds scholars. Some posit parasitic fungus or climate shifts disrupted the Whey Lines animating them. Others suggest overzealous early bakers crafting sentient rye loaves siphoned too much life essence from the grain fields. Whatever the cause, Ryelobite extinction left Chaff bereft of its beloved guardians.  


Ryelobites were crafted entirely from compressed rye grains. Their fossilized remains reveal an golden hue, with intricate patterns akin to rye grain adorning their segmented bodies. They're believed to be some of the first creatures brought to life with the Whey Lines.


In the distant past, communication occurred between Ryelobites through subtle vibrations, creating mesmerizing "rye dances" similar to those of the Lactic Mites that conveyed information about resources or threats, as revealed by ancient depictions.
Origin Location: Chaff
Lifespan: Average lifespan of 10 years
Size: 5-6"
Conservation Status: Extinct

Legends and Myths

Weather Control
A misbelief suggested that arranging fossilized Ryelobites in specific patterns could control the weather. It was said that by placing them strategically in the fields, farmers could summon rain during droughts or prevent storms during crucial planting seasons.
Ryelobite Prophecies
There were tales of seers claiming to read the future through the cracks and patterns in Ryelobite fossils. The misbelief led to a market for fraudulent fortune-telling services, where charlatans claimed to possess the mystical ability to interpret the ancient creatures' messages. Real seers are displeased.


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Dec 14, 2023 15:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Awww, they are so cute. I'm sad they are extinct. :(

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Dec 14, 2023 21:23 by Emily Armstrong

They came out surprisingly cute xD I was very close to keeping them around, but they'll tie into a plotline that miiiight let players bring them back for good <3

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Jan 10, 2024 12:00 by E. Christopher Clark

I love the design of these guys. Out of curiosity, did you create the art for this one with the old method or the new method? Either way, great work! I'm off to check out that new method under "How I Art" — a page I also love and am glad you have (and one I may need to add to my own site).   This was the article my random number thingie said I should read for the Reading Challenge and while I look forward to reading all of the other ones I have in my queue, I'm really pleased that randomness brought me to look over this one carefully and take lessons from it. What I'm really seeing/learning here is how an author can modulate tone. There's still an undercurrent of humor that makes this feel like 100% Culinarypunk, but you've made me realize here that not all Culinarypunk articles have to have me rolling on the floor laughing—which means maybe that not every Eden article I write has to be the same thing either.

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Aw thank you! A lot of the art during WorldEmber is a mix of the two methods, starting with the new method to sketch them out and get the base art and then reverting to the old method to run the art through AI/Photoshop edits to better align the style. All new art released from 2024 onward will be in the new style and created without AI as a tool in the process :D   I really like to throw an article like this in here and there. It not only gives my pun brain a tiny break, but I think it grounds the world a bit. Culinarypunk can very easily shoot off to the moon with silliness but I want it to be a world people can see themselves actually playing campaigns and developing characters in. If it's all laughs all the time, the really funny stuff isn't going to hit as hard. I think it's the same with drama, if your world is 100% drama then you don't have any quiet moments to build the emotions back up. Rollercoasters are more fun than moving walkways xD   And, of course, the funniest thing to me is when you start a campaign with a bunch of goofy characters like Soup Dogg and Pita Pan who just want to sling pasta and end up at level 20 with them desperately trying to bring back the Ryelobites as powerful environmental defenders of the realm hahahah. Thank you for reading Ryelobites and leaving such a lovely comment! <3

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