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Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets closed, folks. The Vegebonds may seem like saints, but underneath those smiles lies something rotten.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
The Vegebonds are philanthropists committed to making a positive impact through their proprietary products.

Around Culinaria with the Vegebonds

The Vegebonds have a long and storied history of philanthropy and goodwill. Under the visionary leadership of Crunch "The Zestmonger" Miller, this dedicated group of do-gooders has made it their mission to spread happiness and positivity wherever they go.
Listen up, folks! These jokers aren't do-gooders, they're hustlers! Every trinket they hawk is a fake. Those jarred "specimens"? Just regular ol' pickled carrots! Still safe to nibble on if the lid's sealed tight. If the Vegebonds put half the effort into honest work as they do into swindling, they'd be rolling in dough instead of deception.
The Vegebonds honed their craft of deception and fraud as children in Herbacium. The group quickly established themselves as the go-to source for dubious potions, elixirs, and enchanted trinkets. With Spudley "Spuds" Russet providing the muscle and Holly "Spitfire" Penyo adding a touch of enchantment and illusion magic, the Vegebonds soon expanded their operation to other kingdoms.  

Attempted Schemes

  • Convinced townsfolk that their "magical leek whistle" could summon rain, but it just made squeaky noises and attracted stray cats instead.
  • Promoted a "magical onion peeling ceremony" to reveal hidden truths, but they ended up crying so much from cutting onions that they couldn't see straight, let alone 'divine' any secrets.
  • Sabotaged a famous chef's restaurant opening with a spicy surprise, but it was so delicious it became an instant hit and led to a surge in demand for the chef's dishes.
  • Concocted "love potions" using leftover bean water from their boiled bean breakfasts. Instead of sparking romance, the potions caused embarrassing side effects such as uncontrollable flatulence.
Leader: Crunch "The Zestmonger" Miller
Members: Spudley "Spuds" Russet, Holly "Spitfire" Penyo
Type: Charitable organization (self-proclaimed), Criminal organization
Base of Operations: Mobile caravan
Even under the pressure and simmering heat, the Vegebonds aren't wiltin' away! With Crunch pullin' the strings, Spudley swingin' fists, and Holly spoutin' off, this trio's set to stir up trouble wherever they tread. Mark my words: the Vegebonds may slink away for now, but justice ain't one to let slippery characters slide through the cracks. Below is a list of the items I've tracked down connected to this notorious group.


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