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How I Art

There has been a ton of discourse about the use of AI art. I thought I'd showcase how I use AI like Wombo/Dream and Leonardo as tools to create my art. As somebody who is physically unable to draw anymore and having to rely on digital tools, AI has been such a savior for my hands. It's a shortcut that lets me add depth and create art in ways I didn't think was possible anymore. I understand why some people may still have hangups about AI art, but I hope this articles helps others understand why I continue to use AI art for concept art.  

Step One

Crappy Photoshop Painting
First, I start with a quick sketch in Photoshop. I use super broad strokes to get the general shape and idea for the image I want. It's difficult for me to get fine details without having to redo them many times, and AI tends to pop that stuff in for me, so I can save my hands a quite a bit during this step.

Step Two

First AI Run
Next, I run that basic version through Wombo/Dream to change it up a bit with prompts. In this case, it put orange slices under the ears which I never would have thought of. Unfortunately, the chest is a little weird. We're going to need to fix a few things, but that's no problem because this has already saved me so much time and pain.

Step Three

Back to Photoshop
Time to fix things up a bit. Things aren't quite where I'd like them yet but we're getting closer. Our little pup is getting really cute! This is where I would add any new ideas and clean up anything that I don't love.

Step Four

Style Run
Finally, it's a run through a model I've trained solely on my own work through Leonardo to bring it closer to the style I use for Culinarypunk. This process can go on for hours going back and forth, but I think we've hit the right vibe already. Welcome to Culinaria, Citrus Lollie Collie!


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Sage TinkerTech
Rachel Bentz
27 Aug, 2023 17:10

Thank you for breaking this down and providing the resources! I'm looking to make more custom art for my own world, and knowing a good process helps immensely! How much work did you have to provide Leonardo for it to work well?

May the Creator ever guide your Footsteps
Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
27 Aug, 2023 17:35

It really depends on the style for Leonardo. The style I use for Culinarypunk is based on vector art so it's already a more 'basic' style for it to grasp. The first time I ran the training it was with around 30 pictures and it did alright but I could tell it was struggling a bit. I think this might be partially due to the content though xD I can draw a potato knight, but getting Leonardo to understand what I mean by potato knight is another challenge altogether ahahahah. Right now it's been trained on 82 images I've created in this semi-vector style and I think it does a great job so I haven't uploaded more to retrain it again, but I have plans to do that before the end of the year to clean up some things and add more food-related references for it. In another world, I'm using a more realistic style so it takes me much longer to create the training art and I find Leonardo has a harder time with it overall. I'm hoping to get rid of the Wombo step in the future and only using Leonardo because the quality is so much higher, but it definitely helps with idea generation and taking ideas further.

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Sage TinkerTech
Rachel Bentz
27 Aug, 2023 19:27

The art looks fantastic! I'm leaning towards a 1920s art-deco style to make 'advertisments' I can sprinkle across articles to add flavor. I'm hopeful the cleaner lines and fewer colors will make it easier for an AI to work with rather than realistic images. I figure I can grab a bunch of public-domain historical ads to give it a baseline, then figure out how to give it my own framework to work off of. Thank you so much for your advice!

May the Creator ever guide your Footsteps
Selene Cutajar
15 Sep, 2023 08:57

Beautifully made :D

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
15 Sep, 2023 14:47

Thank you!

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