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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!
Welcome to my new art article! Instead of making readers hunt around Culinaria, I'll be keeping this article updated each month with all of the new pieces of art and where they're located. Updates are newest first, so each entry will push the others down, but you can use the side navigation to jump around the timeline.  
I'm still in the process of developing this style, so you may see some slight variations in things like shading amount, eyes level of cartoonishness, etc. Let me know what you think and which are your favorites in the comments below so I can better shape Culinaria!


March 2024

Wow, it's the end of March already? I feel like we skipped this entire month. Okay, don't panic. First quarter is done, time to move onto the next. We're all okay. We're fine. Time isn't moving ridiculously fast, we're goooood.
Dough Diplomat
Grand Pâtissier-General.png
pasta trebuchet.png

February 2024

This month you might notice a slight shift in the line art. I've made a switch from doing everything in Photoshop to creating the final versions in Illustrator. Although the art might lose some of that scratchy style to the shadows and lines, I think the cleaner lines and the pros of creating the art as vectors outweighs the loss.
Pappa Farfelle

January 2024

New Homepage!


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Feb 3, 2024 11:42 by E. Christopher Clark

You want me to pick favorites?! These are all so amazing that I can't stand it, but OK, my absolute faves: Citrus Lolly Collies, Dwumpkin, Quackocado, Faelora Artichoke, and the Sherbet Frog.

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Feb 3, 2024 15:43 by Emily Armstrong

Ahahahah thanks!! I'm definitely shifting toward the styles of the Quackocado and Faelora Artichoke, they're some of my favs to come from this month too :D That archer's lil gap tooth grin makes me giggle every time I see it hahahahah.

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Feb 3, 2024 15:15 by Chris L

These are so great! My faves are the artichoke and mushroom bros!

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Feb 3, 2024 15:47 by Emily Armstrong

D'aww thank you!! Those are my top two as well, they're so cute xD

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Feb 3, 2024 16:53 by Jared Richardson-Rushin

This is the cutest thing ever! I love it. I can't wait to see more! The Slawcerer and Berrybirbs have no right to be that cute.

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Feb 4, 2024 05:55 by Emily Armstrong

Thanks so much!! These have been so much fun to work on, I wish berrybirbs really existed xD <3

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