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Butter Knights are formed when chaos churns, their clarified blades cutting to the truth and spreading peace.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Butter Knights are noble defenders hailing from the dairy-rich realm of Lactasia, known for their unwavering commitment to justice and their unique Butter Blades.
General Location: Lactasia
Population: 200 active
Alternative Names: Cream Crusaders
Demand: Moderate

Buttered Up

Becoming A Butter Knight

Initiation into the Butterhood began with butter churning. Of equal importance were spiritual and philosophical conditioning to cement the vital connection between knight, weapon, and land. The repetitive ritual of butter churning became a moving meditation, symbolic of their burden to honor and safeguard Lactasia's creamy essence from those who would despoil it.   As they progressed in their training, adept knights mastered specialized techniques – the art of "spreading" for strategic maneuvers, "churning" for fluid combat, and "clarifying" for healing prowess on the battlefield. These techniques became the foundation of the knights' martial expertise.
Code of Cream
The primary virtues championed by the Butter Knights' Code of Cream include:   Righteousness: to act in honor and justice, standing for the good of all
Pure Spread: demonstrating soundness of moral character, uncorrupted by outside forces
Smooth Temper: keeping an even keel under stress, not being whipped into a fervor
Gallantry: being kind and considerate to those in need, defending those unable to defend themselves
Clarity: staying in peak physical form yet also cultivating mental sharpness and wisdom

Clarifying Touch

Level 2 Skill
When activated, the butter knight can produce a small vial of specially concocted, golden-hued butter. Applying this butter to wounds or injuries promotes rapid healing, sealing cuts and bruises with a creamy glow. The knight channels their internal warmth into the butter, infusing it with revitalizing energy.  
Once per rest, the butter knight heals 2d6 hit points and grants temporary hit points equal to their Strength + 2d6.

Greased Up

Level 4 Skill
When threatened, the Butter Knight can release a burst of concentrated butter mist from their armor. When the enemy is on the floor, the knight lets the weight of their blade slice like butter.  
Once per rest, the Butter Knight can create a nearby area of slippery terrain. Enemies moving through or starting their turn in the area must make a Strength saving throw or fall prone.


Lookin' Slick

Butter Blade

The legendary blades wielded by Butter Knights are forged from a secret alchemical formula producing buttersteel - a unique metallic alloy suffused with clarified butter. When cooled, it hardens into a resilient, gleaming yellow material nearly as strong as traditional steel yet maintaining butter's smooth flexibility. Master dairysmiths carefully hand-craft a knight's personalized Butter Blades once they complete their vows.   The quality of the blade depends greatly on the source butter's purity. A well-honed edge can shear through foes as soft as warm Camembert. And when needed, the restorative qualities of rich butter can heal wounds through gentle application.  

Suited Up

To complement their blades' resilience and mobility, Butter Knights don specialty armor crafted by expert dairy armorers. Solid plates alternate with finely-woven chain links made from high-quality buttersteel. This flexible protection allows for a remarkable range of motion during the heat of battle without sacrificing defense. Hues range from rich gold to tones as pale as fresh cream, making the Butter Knights recognizable banners of hope and pride for citizens under their protection. Rank, achievements, and family heraldry get emblazoned on custom armor pieces.   While durable against hard blows, quality armor requires careful maintenance. Knights polish out any nicks that may compromise protection. And underneath the bright façade lies multiple padded gambeson layers soaked in clarified butter to retain flexibility and guard against sharp attacks.

History of Butter Knights

Founding and Early Years

The order of the Butter Knights traces its storied origins to over six centuries ago, when the Queendom of Lactasia came under threat from invading margarine mercenaries. They sought to pillage the rich, creamy lands and subvert the dominion to their margarine empire. In response, the visionary Queen Daireen established a noble order of protectors, bound by sacred duty - the Butter Knights. Their purpose was etched into the Code of Cream, a chivalric code extolling the virtues of valor, righteousness, fairness, and purity that all knights were to live by.

The Margarine Wars

The Butter Knights' mettle was put to the test during the harrowing, bitter decades of conflict against the rebel group Margarotte - which engulfed much of Queen Buttercup's rule. The ruthless margarine armies swept across neighboring dominions, subjugating them to their authoritarian regime centered around the mass production of cheap margarine.   Lactasia stood resolute against the mounting margarine tide. At the forefront of the Queendom's defense stood the Butter Knights, their glorious weapons and flowing butter banners raised high. During the Wars most trying times, with the fields and barns of Lactasia put to the torch, it was the Butter Knights rallying the people, the bulwark safeguarding the heritage they held so dear from being melted away by the merciless margarine scourge.   In the pivotal year-long Siege of Beurre, the Butter Knights held the city for endless months of relentless eggshelling before leading a desperate final charge to break the encirclement. Their bravery and skill is revered as guaranteeing Lactasia's survival.

Legacy and Present Day

Now under the rule of Queen Lactana Goudavichna Syrnyka, Lactasia stands as the strongest kingdom both politically and economically, with lush pastures and rivers of milk and honey. The honored duty bequeathed by Queen Daireen endures to this day. The Butter Knights maintain a vigilant watch across Lactasia's borders while instilling future generations with their values through continued training and upholding of the chivalric Code of Cream.

Famous Butter Knights

Sir Spreadwick the Smooth
A master of strategic maneuvers on the battlefield, Sir Spreadwick was instrumental in the Butter Knights' victory during the Margarine Wars. His legendary "Smooth Glide" technique allowed him to navigate through enemy lines with unparalleled grace and precision.  
Lady Velvet Von Butterbloom
A patron of the arts and a skilled diplomat, Lady Velvet Von Butterbloom played a crucial role in securing alliances during times of political turmoil. Her eloquence and grace were as legendary as her prowess on the battlefield.  
Ser Biscuit Baneblade
A strategist and tactician of unparalleled brilliance, Ser Biscuit Baneblade's cunning maneuvers turned the tide of several battles. Their keen insights and ability to outwit opponents earned themm a place in the tactical halls of fame.  
Sir Gourdon Goldspreader
A legendary knight with a heart of gold, Sir Gourdon Goldspreader was known for his charitable deeds and dedication to uplifting the common folk.

Shoutout to Chris for also doing a Butter Knight for this event xD I squealed when I saw his notification, such a neat title and great worldbuilding with his munchkins! Go check it out!


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