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Welcome to my Profile!

Worldbuilding is a hobby for me, I think about things a lot, and here I write them down so my brain doesn't explode.
  I am inspired by books such as the stormlight archive, wheel of time, asoiaf, and harry potter.
visual media, such as lord of the rings, marvel and dc stuff, star wars, some anime, atla, and I'm blanking now, but there are a lot.
Video games, such as the witcher, skyim, doom, eu4, and a lot more.   I like fantasy, sci-fi, which is basicallyjust space fantasy anyway, history, alternate history, the universe, and lots of stuff, I like knowing things, and I think about those things a lot, thinking is all I do really.   I am the architect of the multiverse, and all the worlds within:
The Multiverse

Where the magic happens