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The World of Velen The Many who are One, the Masters of this Universe.

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The Velen

Our gods, the ones who shaped our world, and now govern from the heavens. They may grant us power, if we adhere to their morals.
Will you follow the flame of Soreithra? cruel but warm? or would you rather be comforted in Gaias loving embrace? maybe you prefer Karoush, the winner of conflicts. Or Aretmi, the chaste huntress, queen of the wild. or any of the others. So who will it be? Who will you follow?

The Melting of Metal

Soreithra, the chiefest of the gods, is in charge of fire, and heat, but she does not appreciate her flames being used for something as silly as melting rocks among other things, and her wrath will consume whoever abuses her power either for trivial things, or purely for personal gain.

The result of this is that the most commonly used metal in this world is bronze with most other metals being either too hard to melt, or too rare to be in common use.