I owned the most beautiful Blackberrybirb as a child.
I thought if I let it free, it would come back with friends.
I never saw that dang bird again.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Berrybirbs are small songbirds native to Herbacium, but they have been brought all around Culinaria as pets. They come in a small variety of colors including, white, red, blue, deep purple, and pink.

General Location: Herbacium
Parent Species: Bird
Status: Common
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Average Size: 5-8 inches
Weight: 0.5 to 1 ounces

Berry Cute Birds


Berrybirbs are a common species of bird in the world of Culinaria. In the past, berrybirbs were hunted for their scent, but as their populations grew, they became a staple in many kitchens and gardens. The Berrybirb Society was formed to protect and conserve the species, and their efforts have been successful in ensuring their survival and spreading awareness about their importance in the culinary world. Today, berrybirbs are a common sight in many cities and are treasured for their sweet fragrance and the joy they bring to the people of Culinaria.  
Fruity Scented Wings
The wings of the berrybirb not only look sweet, they give off a fragrant aroma of honey and berry. When kept inside, the smell will permeate the house within weeks. Berrybirb wings have become a delicacy in Simmeroon, where the birds are bred for consumption rather than domestication.

Berrybirbs as Pets

Due to their popularity as pets, berrybirbs are easily in the top five exports from Herbacium. Each subspecies of berrybirb has a distinct song and collectors frequently own at least one of each type for their sweet symphonies. They're great for beginner pet owners and require minimal care.


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A pet that can help to make the house smell super nice, I want one! ^^

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9 Feb, 2023 18:00

Hahahah the key for any stinky adventurer, just get a berrybirb familiar! :D

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