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The Burgermeister, a culinary maverick who danced with dragons and flavored the world with his daring dishes. His recipes were whispers from a bygone era, offering a taste of nostalgia and a dash of the extraordinary.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Burgermeister Wolfgang Flamburg, a charismatic and enigmatic figure, was a legendary leader in the Burger Plains. Born into a humble family, Wolfgang's passion for culinary arts and a burning desire to protect his homeland drove him to extraordinary feats. With his magnetic personality and extraordinary cooking skills, he rose through the ranks to become the esteemed Burgermeister. He was immortalized in the song "Brave Burgermeister" by Tempo Tater.  

Who is Wolfgang?


Driven by an unwavering love for his homeland, the Burgermeister dedicated his life to ensuring the safety and prosperity of the Burger Plains. His insatiable curiosity motivated him to explore uncharted territories, seeking new ingredients and culinary inspirations to enhance the culinary culture of his people. The Burgermeister's unyielding spirit of adventure and his determination to leave a lasting legacy inspired those who followed in his footsteps.


Wolfgang possessed an infectious zest for life and an unwavering dedication to his people. He captivated the masses and his booming laughter could be heard echoing through the Burger Plains. He was known for his quick wit, charm, and a sense of adventure that drew people to him. Beneath his jovial exterior, a shrewd and strategic mind lurked, always seeking new ways to protect and advance the interests of his beloved homeland.


Born into a modest family of burger artisans, Wolfgang Flamburg displayed a natural affinity for cooking from a young age. As a young adult, Wolfgang's skills in the culinary arts began to draw attention. With his infectious enthusiasm and exceptional talent, he quickly gained a following among the locals. His innate leadership qualities and knack for strategic thinking were recognized by the community, and Wolfgang was elected as the Burgermeister of the Burger Plains.   During his tenure, a dragon known as Gnashgullet emerged from its slumber, wreaking havoc upon the land. Led by the Burgermeister, the inhabitants of the Burger Plains fought bravely, utilizing their culinary skills as weapons. In a climactic showdown, Wolfgang, armed with his trusty spatula, faced off against Gnashgullet. Through his strategic brilliance, the Burgermeister emerged victorious.   Wolfgang's triumph solidified his status as a symbol of hope, resilience, and ingenuity. Although he disappeared soon after the event, tales of his exploits spread far and wide, inspiring generations of aspiring chefs and adventurers to follow in his footsteps.  
Former Residence: Burger Plains
Status: Unknown
Occupation: Legendary Cowboy Chef
Species: Tauric Folk
No Good Deeds
The Burgoda, once a thriving city, now stands as a haunting testament to the Burgermeister's triumphs and tragedies. In his quest to protect the Burger Plains, he led a battle against the dragon, driving it back and sealing it within the depths of the Burgoda. Over time, the city fell into ruin and became inhabited by dangerous creatures. Many believe that remnants of the Burgermeister's power and his prized cookbook are hidden within the depths of the Burgoda, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture inside.


The Burgermeister had various connections and rumored affiliations with different groups. Among the whispers that circulate is a persistent rumor linking him to the enigmatic The Griddle Syndicate. Some believe that his culinary prowess and daring exploits made him an ideal candidate for association with this clandestine organization. The truth remains shrouded in the sizzling secrets of his legacy.

The Cookbook

It is said that the Burgermeister compiled a remarkable cookbook throughout his lifetime—a treasury of secret recipes, culinary techniques, and hidden knowledge. This legendary cookbook held the key to unlocking extraordinary abilities in the culinary realm. Some believe that it still exists, safeguarded within the depths of the Burgoda, awaiting discovery by those who dare to seek its power.


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17 Jul, 2023 16:26

I love the image of him fighting a dragon with a spatula.

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Hahahah I really need art of the big showdown!

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I do feel it's a shame he and the dragon weren't able to make a truce. I think they could have made a great grilling team!   Love the picture!

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Ok, so Tauric, not necessarily a minotaur or a centaur, but still an anthropomorphized animal. So possibly still made of burgers. I think I may be getting the hang of this. -Chris/kitoypoy longpork-ian

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I don't know if you chose the German word "Bürgermeister" (mayor) on purpose, although the German name could also indicate that, but I love the play on words. I believe I will only pronounce this word with an English accent ,-).

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