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Seeking the Cookbook is a dangerous quest, a dance with death. The wise say it's not just about recipes, but the knowledge to understand the true essence of culinary arts. May the bravest find the courage to confront the legends and claim its wisdom.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
The Burgermeister's Cookbook stands as a legendary artifact in the world of Culinaria, steeped in both culinary prowess and magical enchantments. This ancient grimoire, believed to have been authored by the Burgermeister himself, contains a treasure trove of powerful and secret recipes that could unlock untold culinary potential. Enshrouded in mystery and coveted by many, the cookbook holds the key to unparalleled gastronomic achievements.  
The ancient enchantments within the cookbook provide a profound connection to the Whey Lines, channeling the very essence of Culinaria's magic into its user. As a result, those who possess the cookbook gain unparalleled dexterity, creativity, and mastery in the kitchen, elevating their culinary creations to unprecedented levels.
As the legacy of the Burgermeister lives on in stories and legends, those who dare to follow in his footsteps seek to uncover the cookbook's hidden location and unlock its culinary secrets. The journey to retrieve the cookbook promises not only untold culinary powers but also the potential to become the stuff of legend.


The origins of the Burgermeister's Cookbook trace back to the days of old, when the Burger Plains flourished under the watchful eyes of the Goudavichna family. Passed down through generations, the cookbook's true power was revealed when the Burgermeister, a paragon of culinary might, added his own creations to its pages. Forged with enchantments and imbued with the essence of the Burger Plains' culinary heritage, the cookbook became more than just a mere collection of recipes—it became a testament to the mastery of the culinary arts.   The cookbook's fate took a mysterious turn after the fabled battle with the Cinderscale Dragon, Gnashgullet. In the aftermath of the fierce confrontation, the Burgermeister's Cookbook vanished without a trace, leaving behind an air of uncertainty and intrigue. Many speculated that the dragon had claimed it as part of its spoils, while others believed it had been lost in the chaos of battle.  
Unbeknownst to the world above, the Cinderscale dragon, Gnashgullet, survived the battle and claimed the cookbook for itself. Cunning and ancient, the dragon recognized the immense power the cookbook held, and with an insatiable appetite for culinary knowledge, it retreated to the depths of Burgoda City to safeguard its newfound treasure.
Location: Burgoda City
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Cookbook/Grimoire
Rumors and whispers of the Burgermeister's Cookbook resurfaced, drawing the attention of Culinary Revelation, a secretive religious order dedicated to preserving and harnessing culinary magic. Considered a sacred artifact by the cult, the cookbook became the focal point of their faith, and they began to send brave adventurers on quests to retrieve it. Unfortunately, no soul has returned from the depths of Burgoda City, leaving the cookbook's location shrouded in even deeper mystery.


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20 Jul, 2023 22:29

Well... I don't think that cookbook is surfacing any time soon. :D   I do wonder what kind of delicious recipes are in there, though.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
21 Jul, 2023 04:16

bwahahahah it's going to take some very brave adventurers to track that book down. I have a few recipes set aside so if somebody does take on this side quest during the TTRPG, that way they'll get a sick item to use in-game as well as some delicious treats the party can make for their future games :D

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26 Jul, 2023 05:27

Oof, when a dragon starts hoarding a cookbook, you know it's powerful.   Then again, a dragon is hoarding it, so you probably won't be getting it back.

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26 Jul, 2023 18:35

What a delightful and ominous mystery. I especially like the detail of the cult, though I feel bad for everyone who goes on that quest.

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