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Legends speak of the Cinderscale's relentless pursuit and ferocious appetite, leaving only smoldering remains in its wake.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
The Cinderscale dragon was a majestic and formidable creature that once roamed the lands of Culinaria. With its distinctive fiery appearance and fierce temperament, the Cinderscale dragon held a prominent place in local legends and folklore. Known for its association with open fire cooking and campfire lore, the Cinderscale dragon was believed to possess unparalleled control over flames and an affinity for all things culinary.  
The Cinderscale dragon's mastery over fire was unparalleled. Its fiery breath could melt stone and reduce forests to ash within moments. It was said that the dragon's flames burned with an intensity that defied natural laws, leaving behind nothing but desolation in its wake.
While the extinction of the Cinderscale dragon is a cause for celebration among the inhabitants of the Burger Plains, its memory continues to loom large. The tales of its destructive prowess serve as a reminder of the importance of unity and resilience in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Appearance and Behavior

The Cinderscale dragon was a colossal beast, towering over the landscape at a height of up to 50 feet. Its body was covered in dark, charred scales that resembled burnt wood, exuding an eerie glow reminiscent of smoldering embers. Fiery veins coursed beneath its scales, pulsating with intense heat. The dragon's eyes glowed with an infernal light, reflecting its insatiable hunger for destruction.   Known for its aggressive and merciless nature, the Cinderscale dragon struck fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors. It was known to attack settlements, razing them to the ground with its devastating fire breath. Legends tell of the dragon's thunderous roar, which echoed across the land, sending shivers down the spines of those who heard it.

Habitat and Territory

Cinderscales were known to inhabit rugged and remote regions, often favoring volcanic landscapes, scorched deserts, and fiery caverns. Their ability to thrive in such hostile environments made them uniquely suited to these habitats. The dragon's territory was fiercely guarded, with intruders risking the wrath of its fiery fury.

Diet and Feeding Habits

Cinderscale dragons were voracious predators, with a diet primarily consisting of large mammals, such as bison and boars. They were known to employ a combination of stealth, ambush tactics, and their fiery breath to bring down their prey. Their powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth allowed them to tear through flesh and bone with ease.
Origin Location: Simmeroon, Burger Plains
Size: Large to Colossal
Status: Believed to be Extinct
Threat Level: Extremely Dangerous
The extinction of the Cinderscale dragon is believed to be closely tied to the rise and fall of Gnashgullet, a malevolent force that sought to sow chaos and devastation throughout the Burger Plains. The remnants of its destructive legacy can still be witnessed in the charred remains of once-thriving settlements, serving as a haunting reminder of the terror it once unleashed upon the Burger Plains.

History of the Cinderscale Dragons

The history of the Cinderscale dragons is one filled with tales of destruction and legendary battles. These fearsome creatures, with their scales ablaze, once roamed the Burger Plains, striking fear into the hearts of all who crossed their path.  

The Reign of Gnashgullet

The most infamous Cinderscale dragon in history, Gnashgullet, terrorized the Burger Plains for centuries. With its insatiable appetite for destruction, Gnashgullet laid waste to villages and claimed countless lives. The Burgermeister, a legendary figure of the Burger Plains, finally faced off against Gnashgullet in an epic battle. After a fierce struggle, the Burgermeister emerged victorious, banishing the dragon deep beneath the ruins of the Burgoda. It is believed that Gnashgullet's defeat marked the beginning of the decline of the Cinderscale dragons.

The Siege of Firestorm Keep

During the era known as the Siege of Firestorm Keep, a massive Cinderscale dragon named Emberclaw launched a devastating assault on the fortified stronghold. With its fiery breath and relentless attacks, Emberclaw nearly breached the defenses, but the defenders valiantly held their ground. Eventually, the combined forces of the Burger Plains repelled Emberclaw, ensuring the survival of Firestorm Keep. This battle showcased the fierce resilience of the Burger Plains against the wrath of the Cinderscale dragons.

The Last Emberflight

As the Cinderscale dragons neared extinction, the Last Emberflight emerged as a final, desperate attempt to reclaim their dominance. Led by Pyrothorn, a powerful and cunning dragon, the Last Emberflight unleashed a series of coordinated attacks across the Burger Plains. The people, inspired by the Burgermeister's success over Gnashgullet, came together to face this final threat. In an epic showdown, the people and Pyrothorn engaged in a battle that shook the very foundations of the land. Ultimately, the Burger Plains emerged triumphant, driving the Last Emberflight into retreat and sealing the fate of the Cinderscale dragons.


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19 Jul, 2023 17:19

They sound like they were very beautiful in life. I love the imagery you used to describe them. Must be a relief that they are gone, though, with the destruction they brought to the land.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
19 Jul, 2023 17:39

Thank you! They were some of the last species still roaming from the ancient times of Culinaria. I imagine seeing one flying off in the distance would be amazing but also mildly terrifying, since they're only out lookin' for food or a place to start a fire hahah. Keeping my fingers crossed for one more character prompt so I can write about Gnashgullet nearly becoming a deity in the ancient times!

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23 Jul, 2023 05:31

There are few things I love more than a good dragon. Epic dragon battles are even better! Their extinction was almost a little sad, though...

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
23 Jul, 2023 14:59

There are definitely other types of dragons still roaming Culinaria :D The Drakefruit and Dragonmelon are much kinder and can sometimes be approached with relative ease, while the Dragotoffer is a close relative of the Cinderscale and is much more vicious and spits molten caramel :D

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23 Jul, 2023 17:51

Aw, that makes me feel better - Cinderscales were definitely pretty destructive :P   Also, Dragonmelons sound awesome :D

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25 Jul, 2023 19:52

I know they were destroying everything, but I still feel sad that they're gone.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
26 Jul, 2023 15:30

Yea, it's sad when any species goes extinct but this one may have been for the better xD Their close cousins, the Dragotoffer, is still incredibly dangerous but less likely to come near civilization so they're not an issue like Cinderscale were. If an adventurer crawls into a Dragotoffer's caramel pits, that's their problem ahahahah.

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