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There's something magical about the sizzle of patties on the grill and the aroma of fresh buns in the air. The Burger Plains is a culinary paradise, a realm where burger lovers find their true bliss.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
The Burger Plains is a haven for burger enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With its rich culinary heritage, vibrant cowboy culture, and a flair for bold flavors, the Burger Plains beckons those with an appetite for both epicurean delights and thrilling escapades.

The History of the Burger Plains

The Burger Plains, born from the union of frontier settlers and culinary pioneers, has a storied history that intertwines the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of culinary excellence. It emerged as a beacon of opportunity during the great expansion of Culinaria, drawing ambitious chefs, farmers, and ranchers eager to tame the untamed and create a culinary paradise.   As settlers established towns and ranches throughout the Burger Plains, the art of burger-making took root and flourished. Inspired by the abundance of cattle, the vast open plains, and the rich flavors of the region, burgers became a symbol of the rugged spirit and culinary ingenuity of the Burger Plains. Chuckwagon cookouts, lively saloon gatherings, and fierce culinary competitions became the pulse of this thriving frontier culture.   Over time, the Burger Plains gained recognition as a culinary destination, attracting burger aficionados from far and wide. The region became known for its diverse flavor styles, from hearty, smoky barbecue creations to innovative fusions inspired by the melting pot of cultures that converged in the plains.   The Burger Plains stands is a land where culinary adventurers seek out hidden gem diners, embrace the smoky allure of outdoor grilling, and embark on gastronomic quests to find the most mouthwatering burger creations. With each bite, the legacy of the Burger Plains continues to evolve, carrying on the frontier spirit of culinary exploration and the pursuit of burger perfection.  
Ruler: The Bunslinger
Guard: The Fizzriders
Demonym: Patties
Roastrons are known for their passion for cooking and their mastery of flame-grilling techniques. Their bull-like features and muscular builds make them appear intimidating, but beneath their powerful exterior lies a keen sense of camaraderie and a deep-rooted connection to their culinary heritage.


The Burger Plains have emerged as a burgeoning destination for culinary enthusiasts and food adventurers alike. With its rich agricultural landscape, diverse culinary traditions, and unique local delicacies, the plains beckon travelers from far and wide to savor an unforgettable culinary experience.  
The Burgoda
Nestled within the Burger Plains lies the ancient Burgoda, a mysterious entryway that leads to the underground Burgoda City City. The Burgoda holds secrets of the past, guarding hidden treasures and lore, enticing adventurers with its enigmatic aura.
Pollen Whales
One of the most enchanting natural phenomena in the Burger Plains is the Migration of the Pollen Whales. These majestic creatures traverse the vast region, leaving a trail of pollen that nurtures the growth of rock candy plants. The arrival of the whales is celebrated with joy and reverence, as it heralds a bountiful harvest for the farmers.
Natural Wonders
Beyond its culinary wonders, the Burger Plains boast stunning natural beauty and serenity. Travelers and inhabitants find solace amid the idyllic landscapes, while the plains' harmonious integration with nature instills a sense of balance and appreciation for the world's bounty.


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