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When life gets tough on the Burger Plains, we just flip it over and serve it with a smile!
— Popular Griddlefolk Phrase

The Griddlefolk travel the plains in caravans, setting up campfires under the vast night skies. Gathered around the dancing flames, they share stories and songs, passing down oral traditions from generation to generation.

Embers of the Frontier

The Griddlefolk are a spirited and rugged culture that thrives in the untamed expanse of the Burger Plains, a land where wild west meets culinary ingenuity. Shaped by the challenging environment of the Burger Plains and their resistance to outside rule, the Griddlefolk are known for their tenacity and resourcefulness. They value self-reliance and take pride in their ability to survive and thrive in the untamed wilderness.   In the early days, when the Burger Plains were a vast and untamed wilderness, a group of culinary pioneers ventured into the heart of the region seeking a new frontier for their gastronomic talents. Drawn by the promise of bountiful ingredients and untapped culinary potential, they established the first settlements on the Plains. Over time, they developed a unique cooking style, mastering the art of griddling, which became the foundation of their culinary legacy.  
One of the most cherished traditions of the Griddlefolk is the annual Griddlefest. During this festival, the Burger Plains come alive with colorful decorations, lively music, and the mouthwatering aroma of grilled specialties. It's a time when Griddlefolk engage in friendly culinary duels to see who can create the most innovative and delicious burgers. The festival not only celebrates their culinary heritage but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared identity among the Griddlefolk.
The Skillet Skirmish was a series of intense cooking competitions that pitted the Griddlefolk's fast grilling techniques against the Simmeroonians' slow-cooking methods. The challenges ranged from creating perfectly seared steaks to crafting stunning stews that simmered for hours. The event became a testament to the strength of the Griddlefolk, as they successfully defended their culinary autonomy and solidified their position as the reigning masters of the Burger Plains.
General Location: Burger Plains
Culture: Frontiersmanship, Culinary Prowess, Independence
Festivals: Griddlefest, Battle of the Brans
Protectors of Freedom
The Griddle Syndicate has emerged in the face of external threats and attempts at control from larger kingdoms. This secretive organization operates as a hidden force within the Burger Plains, safeguarding their land from those who seek to impose their rule upon them and protecting the creation of Griddlefolk.
Races of Griddlefolk
Anyone living permanently within the Burger Plains is considered a Griddlefolk, but there are a few more prominent races.
Fry Fairy
Chaff's Appetite
With the fall of Lactasia's rule, the Griddlefolk once again embraced their hard-earned freedom. Their respite was short as the ambitious kingdom of Chaff rose to power, coveting the strategic location and resources of the Burger Plains. They currently struggle with Chaff forces pushing their way into the Burger Plains in attempts to grasp control over the land.  
Despite the persistent struggles against larger kingdoms, the Griddlefolk have maintained their unique cultural identity and culinary traditions. The struggles against Simmeroon, Lactasia, and Chaff have shaped the Griddlefolk's identity, and they remain steadfast in their determination to preserve their free frontier for generations to come.
Simmeroon's Conquest
Simmeroon's desire for control over the Burger Plains was fueled by its need for agricultural resources, essential for sustaining its culinary reputation. The Burger Plains boasted fertile lands and diverse crops and it became an irresistible prize. The rivalry between the Griddlefolk and Simmeroon was primarily characterized by culinary competitions and heated debates over whose cuisine reigned supreme. Instead of descending into further hostility, the Griddlefolk and Simmeroon chefs discovered common ground in their shared passions. Recognizing that food could be a bridge between cultures rather than a point of contention, the leaders of both communities decided to hold a grand culinary summit. This summit became a turning point in their relationship, as the chefs exchanged techniques, spices, and recipes, celebrating the richness of each other's culinary heritage.  
Lactasian Dominion
After the defeat of Simmeroon, the Griddlefolk's jubilation was short-lived as the looming shadow of Lactasia's dominion cast itself over the Burger Plains. Lactasia sought to impose its rule on the region, eyeing the Burger Plains' bountiful cattle herds and vast farmlands. The clash of culinary cultures between Lactasia and the Griddlefolk became a central point of contention. Lactasia's cuisine heavily revolved around dairy-based dishes, particularly their famous artisanal cheeses. In contrast, the Griddlefolk celebrated the diversity of spices, grains, and meat-centric delicacies. To bend the Griddlefolk to their will, Lactasia imposed a crippling cheese embargo on the Burger Plains. The embargo hit the Griddlefolk's trade and economy hard, threatening their way of life. The Griddlefolk diversified their crops and developed new culinary delights that showcased the region's flavors and richness, even in the absence of cheese.

Embracing Growth Amidst Tradition

As the Burger Plains witness the rise of larger towns and the encroachment of neighboring kingdoms, the Griddlefolk find themselves at a crossroads. This cultural shift brings both excitement and apprehension, dividing the community into those who embrace the changes and those who fiercely resist.  
Embracing Progress
Some Griddlefolk see the influx of new ideas, cuisines, and technologies as opportunities for innovation and enrichment. They engage in cultural exchange with newcomers, adopting new cooking techniques and traditions. These open-minded individuals understand that blending tradition with innovation can lead to a more diverse and robust culinary experience.
Seeking a Middle Ground
Many Griddlefolk strive to strike a balance between embracing growth and safeguarding tradition. They believe that a harmonious coexistence with newcomers can bring about mutual learning and appreciation. Embracing change while cherishing their roots, these individuals find ways to preserve their cultural identity while also embracing the opportunities that come with progress.
Guardians of Tradition
On the other side of the grill, there are Griddlefolk who passionately hold on to their heritage and the simplicity of their way of life. To them, the Burger Plains represent not only a place of cooking mastery but a sanctuary for time-honored customs and culinary wisdom. These staunch traditionalists fiercely resist the changing landscape and the influence of larger towns.


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