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Agarick's a walking encyclopedia of ancient herbs and remedies. I swear, he knows plants better than they know themselves!
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Meet Agarick, a jolly Trufflin with an infectious charm and a heartwarming smile. Hailing from the enchanting forests of Herbacium, Agarick has ventured beyond his home to spread cheer, wisdom, and a little touch of magic. With his friendly demeanor, he has become a beloved figure in Culinaria.

A Friend Indeed

Agarick's wandering spirit has led him on a yearly journey from Herbacium through the Burger Plains. With no specific home to call his own, he has become friends with inhabitants who welcome him with open arms.   Agarick's cheerful and helpful nature have endeared him to a wide array of beings in the Burger Plains. From farmers to innkeepers, merchants to bakers, all have fond stories of Agarick's delightful visits. He often trades herbs and magical remedies in exchange for stories, laughter, and delicious treats.   As a creature of the night, Agarick finds joy in the stillness and serenity of moonlit hours. When the world slumbers, he comes to life, and his boundless energy is directed towards cleaning and tidying. He has an uncanny ability to find beauty in the smallest details and leaves behind a trail of twinkling magic wherever he goes. With his green thumb, Agarick also has the remarkable ability to grow the most vibrant and diverse gardens in the unlikeliest of places. His gardens bloom with rare herbs, enchanted flowers, and glowing mushrooms, all under the watchful glow of the moon.  
Moonlit Sketches
During his nocturnal wanderings, Agarick carries a journal and charcoal pencils. Inspired by the moon's radiant glow, he loves sketching the landscape, wildlife, and the enchanted moments he encounters. These whimsical sketches often find their way into the hands of the people he befriends.
Flickering Light
When Agarick gets excited or happy, a soft, flickering glow emanates from his cap. This gentle light adds to his magical aura and brings a sense of warmth and comfort to those around him.
Whispering Herbs
Agarick can communicate with herbs and plants. He often holds quiet conversations with the flora, seeking their wisdom and understanding their needs to nurture them in return.
Location: Herbacium, Burger Plains
Species: Trufflin
Profession: Traveling Druid
Trufflins, a diverse and enchanting race of fungi folk, vary in appearance, each resembling a unique mushroom or fungi from the culinary world. Trufflins share a common nocturnal nature and an inherent connection to the natural world, making them proficient in the ebb and flow of the land's energies.

Physical Characteristics

Agarick stands at a modest height of 3 feet but his warm presence fills the space around him. His pale white skin is soft and adorned with subtle freckles, adding to his friendly charm. His most distinctive feature is his large, cream and salmon-colored mushroom cap, adorned with deep black and purple ribs. Agarick's eyes are unusually large and hollow, yet they radiate a comforting aura that puts anyone at ease. When he looks at you with those gentle eyes, it feels like being wrapped in a cozy embrace. His smile is infectious, and laughter seems to be always bubbling beneath the surface.


In terms of attire, Agarick dresses in a green flowing tunic that allows him to move with ease through the dense foliage of the Herbacium and the vast Burger Plains. Over his tunic, he wears a red scarf that holds a special place in his heart, having been gifted to him by a dear friend. On his feet, Agarick dons a pair of sturdy leather boots, well-worn from his many adventures and travels. These boots have carried him through dense forests, rocky terrains, and even the mysterious depths of the Burgoda City. He values their reliability and the sense of protection they provide.


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Sage usurperkings
Sapha Burnell
24 Jul, 2023 15:31

He's cute as a button.... mushroom... cute as a button mushr-I'll let myself out.

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
24 Jul, 2023 15:44

noooooooo bwahahahahah

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25 Jul, 2023 10:15

MUSHROOM PERSON <3   I love him. I want to hang out and sketch with him.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
25 Jul, 2023 14:32

I hate getting unexpected visitors, but I think I'd be delighted if Agarick showed up one night xD A pot of tea, some soft music, maybe some fresh baked treats, and sketchbooks by moonlight, so calm and lovely <3 And then you get to wake up in the morning to a clean house ahahahah

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2 Aug, 2023 01:25

I get it--he lurks in the shadows because he's a mushroom person. What a creative take on the prompt! I especially like his red scarf, which reminds me of the red scarf the main character wears in Gavriel Savit's The Way Back.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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2 Aug, 2023 22:02

Thanks!! I love trying to twist prompts juuust a bit, it's so fun hahah. Ooo I Googled the book and I'll have to give it a read, sounds really awesome!

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28 Aug, 2023 18:55

Congratulations on the incredible entry. We can be reached at [email protected] and we can work out what to draw for you. Thanks for sharing your talents. Conquest Publishing

27 Nov, 2023 11:50

Awww he seems so sweet and caring!! I immediately love him sm :D

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
27 Nov, 2023 16:27

He's the sweetest lil guy <3 He'll be getting a little TTRPG update during WorldEmber so he'll be ready to join people's Culinaria campaigns as a NPC! :D

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28 Nov, 2023 12:02

Ooh I'm excited!! I love a good NPC :)

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