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Gummy is a fabulously malleable ingredient. While I prefer to make candies, I do appreciate my lovely gummy golem Gary, who has proved to be an exceptional sous chef!
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Taste: Sweet
Color: Vibrant rainbow
State: Solid, semi-solid, liquid.

Growth of the Gummy


Gummy was not always a natural substance in Culinaria. The gingerbreadfolk of Sugarcanaan Isles had been experimenting in sugar magic, heating and cooling products to see how they respond, when they discovered the gooey, shapeless material. It suited their needs so perfectly they decided to cultivate it for themselves. Before long, the gummy had taken root across the islands and assimilated with the flora. Not much is known about the growth process outside of the Gingerbreadfolk traditions.  
Early Growth
Mid Growth
Full Growth

Greater Culinaria Discovery

The first Gummy Golems were seen by non-Sugarcanaanites during the third Frenzy. After painful losses during the first Frenzies, the gingerbreadfolk grew tired of defeat and used their new power to form a small army of gummy golems.
The Swarm of Pollenesia was met with a smattering of two-foot-tall gummy tanks equipped with sharpened sugar swords. The Swarm expected an easy win but was surprised when each gummy taken down reformed only moments later to get back into the fight. They took major casualities before realizing defeat and fleeing back home.
Many kingdoms on the main continent of Culinaria expressed worry when the gummy golems appeared. Some claimed it bordered on necromancy and accused the gingerbreadfolk of practicing forbidden magic. Others wished to harness the power for themselves and began hiring golems for their own tasks.


Gummy's unique physical and magical characteristics are what make it such an exceptional material. This wibbly-wobbly concoction displays an array of properties that make it a versatile building material for crafting living golems

Gummy is highly flexible, allowing artisans to mold and shape it into various forms with ease.
Despite its soft texture, gummy possesses remarkable resilience, capable of withstanding considerable impact and pressure.
Gummy has adhesive properties, enabling it to bond seamlessly with other materials during construction.
In certain formulations, gummy may possess self-regenerative properties, allowing minor damages to be repaired over time.


Proper Gummy Use



Gummymancy refers to the magical arts and rituals involving the shaping, animation and control of gummy material into semi-sentient golem constructs. Developed by the gingerbreadfolk of the Sugarcanaan Isles, this unique form of magic allows skilled practitioners to imbue gummy sculptures with rudimentary artificial life and prescribed behaviors.   The foundations of gummymancy lie in meticulously combining specific ingredient ratios and alchemical procedures to produce gummy formulations attuned to conducting mystical energies. Runic inscriptions, chants and elaborate rituals are then employed to bind the gummy form to the will of its creator.   While early gummy golems were quite limited, modern gummymantic techniques have enabled increasingly complex designs with expanded capabilities. The full extent and potential applications of this emerging art remains actively researched.


Outside of its use as a crafting material, gummy's primary application is for culinary purposes as an edible ingredient. Gummy candies and confections are a beloved treat across Culinaria, from simple gummy shapes to more elaborate sugary sculptures and decorations and even recreating other dishes in gummy form.   Gummy is also frequently incorporated into traditional recipes, either as a base for sweet dishes or used to create thickened fillings, glazes and bindings. Among magical chefs, gummy serves as a key component in many minor healing and enhancement food elixirs due to its ability to suspend enchantments.

Building Blocks

Due to its adhesive properties and tensile strength when properly set, gummy has seen increasing use as an unconventional building and construction material. Gummy-based masonry employs bricks, slabs and beams formed from compressed gummy that are then bonded together using molten gummy as mortar.   The resulting gummy structures exhibit surprising load-bearing capacity and durability while remaining somewhat pliable. This construction method has been adopted for small habitats, supporting frames, basic infrastructure and even temporary fortifications in some regions of Culinaria.   Gummy's natural vibrancy also allows architects to craft highly decorated and visually striking edifices not possible with traditional building materials.

Gummy Fighting

In combat situations, gummy's unique properties have enabled it to be weaponized into offense and defensive armaments within the culinary martial disciplines. Common gummy weapons include:  
  • Flexible gummy shields able to entrap blades and absorb impacts
  • Thrown gummy bolas or restraints to entangle targets
  • Hollow gummy projectiles filled with alchemical payloads
  • Edged melee weapons like gummy swords or shuriken
  While less lethal than metal arms, these gummy instruments can still inflict concussive blunt trauma or stick assailants in place. Talented gummy fighters harmonize their techniques to flow seamlessly between armed and unarmed combat stances.


Trade Through Culinaria

  Gummy has become a highly valued commodity in Culinaria, leading to the establishment of gummy trade routes and markets in various cities.   The most common form of gummy trade involves the sale of raw gummy material to artisanal candy makers and pastry chefs. These professionals use gummy to create a wide range of sweets, from simple gummy candies to complex cake decorations. In addition to its use in the culinary arts, gummy is also highly sought after by magic-users for its unique properties. Gummy can be used as a base material for magical constructs, such as the gummy golems created by Gingerbreadfolk. It can also be infused with magical energy to create powerful potions.   The trade of gummy is closely regulated in many regions due to the potential danger of uncontrolled use. Unscrupulous traders have been known to sell adulterated or contaminated gummy, which can have disastrous effects on those who consume it or use it in magic.
Gummy is most often pressed into small shapes for consumer sale while bulk can be purchased in tons and shipped via Spaghettrain.


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