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In the world of high society, Lady Baguette is the true crust above the rest – fabulous and not afraid to get a little toasty.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Lady Baguette stands as one of the most powerful women in Chaff's high society circles. Though she inherited much of her wealth and status, the shrewd matriarch has expanded the Olivier baked goods business deftly over her tenure.
Title: Lady
Race: Crustfolk
Home: Grainspire, Chaff
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Unknown

Head of the Table

The sole heiress to the vast fortune and holdings of House Olivier’s food empire, Lady Baguette grew up privileged and pampered, wanting for nothing. She exhibited keen intelligence and interest in the family business from a young age.   Though scrutinized as possibly lacking her father’s innate business prowess, Lady Baguette proved detractors wrong by seizing majority control of Chaff’s struggling luxury hospitality market during the turmoil following the Soured Grain Harvest. She restored every acquired property to glittering profitability in under 5 years.   Wielding this dual advantage of family legacy success and cultivated personal acumen, Lady Baguette emerged as one of Chaff’s wealthiest women. From her opulent perch, she exerts enormous influence as a patron of the arts, philanthropist, investor and political powerhouse who can make or break reputations and fortunes with a flick of her fan. Those failing to continually impress face swift dismissal from her inner circle.  
The Tastemaker
The diva-esque dame spares no expense funding productions, galleries or promising young talents that meet her exacting creative standards. Lady Baguette cherishes few things more than discovering rising stars and sponsoring their meteoric public ascent.

House Olivier Food Empire
Historic family food conglomerate dating back over 400 years encompassing partnerships with farms, millers, supply chain distribution, restaurants and hotels plus consumer packaged foods under brands like Crème de la Crust.

Doughlightful Networks
Entertainment studio pioneering magical illusionary "streaming" shows beamed directly into households via Foccastia. Also comprises record labels, talent agencies, and investments in top Oatpera House companies.

The Gilded Loaf Resort
Lady Baguette's 12 story showpiece 5-star hotel catering to traveling nobility. Headlining features include the rooftop Cocktail Barley terrace and an entire guest floor specially equipped to stable guests' prized thoroughbreads.

Bran Fabrique
Avant-garde fashion studio led by Crustfolk designers Flaxxa and Quina Bran known for architectural couture embroidered with shards of tempered wild oat gluten and husks from ancient grains indigenous to Chaff's borders.

Lives of the Rice and Famous

Sage Estate

Nestled amidst 20 acres of curated gardens, this sprawling 30 room countryside manor house has been the Olivier family’s favored non-city residence for generations. Lady Baguette often retreats to Sage Estate to entertain elite guests coming to indulge their passion for the occult. The east wing’s Esoteric Library holds one of Culinaria's largest collections of arcane tomes, available for study by those in her good graces.

Oatpal Oasis

Designed by famed stonemason Aldo Kneadit, the four-story Oatpal Oasis sits amid theaters and galleries as the crown jewel of Grainspire’s artistic epicenter. The rooftop terrace provides views of the adjacent Oatpera House while the subterranean vault displays the glass menagerie—Lady Baguette’s vast collection of antique glassware from across the realms that she loans to events.

Top Stalk Fashion

While Lady Baguette keeps abreast of all the top fashion designers' seasonal offerings, she prefers to exclusively wear custom couture outfits created for her by personal stylist Runa Farrowsmith.   Lady Baguette’s signature style involves lavish ballgowns and day dresses with intricate detailing - beads as seeds, ruffled tiers evoking rolling fields of wheat, and neckline braids replicating the twist of a baguette loaf.
Haute couture boutiques showcase garments that are not merely clothes but rather manifestations of affluence and taste. The price tags, though formidable, serve as an unspoken declaration of exclusivity, marking these creations as symbols of status and sophistication.

Playing Lady Baguette

-The Perfect Patron-

Roleplaying Lady Baguette

  • Lady Baguette exudes an air of sophistication and grace. Roleplay her with refined gestures, impeccable posture, and a voice that commands attention.
  • Lady Baguette is known for her sharp wit and clever comebacks. Engage in verbal sparring with the player characters, showcasing her intelligence and quick thinking.
  • Lady Baguette has a keen eye for detail. Describe her carefully observing her surroundings, noting even the smallest details that others might overlook.
  • Embrace a mysterious aura around Lady Baguette. Keep certain aspects of her motivations and plans shrouded in secrecy, encouraging players to uncover the layers of her character.
Special Abilities and Tactics
Master Tactician: Lady Baguette's strategic mind allows her to foresee potential challenges and plan accordingly. She gains Blessing when making decisions related to business, diplomacy, or strategic encounters.
Influence of Affluence: Lady Baguette can leverage her wealth and social status to gain favors, information, or assistance from NPCs. She gains Blessing when attempting to sway others through her influence.
Esoteric Knowledge: Lady Baguette's connection to the Esoteric Library allows her to access occult knowledge. This ability can provide insights into magical phenomena or ancient rituals.
  • Highlight Lady Baguette's appreciation for the arts. Incorporate scenes where she attends cultural events, sponsors artists, or engages in discussions about artistic endeavors.
  • Showcase Lady Baguette's business prowess. Have her negotiate deals, strategize financial matters, and make decisions that reflect her role as a formidable businessperson.
  • Lady Baguette holds herself and others to high standards. Roleplay moments where she expresses disappointment or approval based on the characters' actions.
Quests & Quarrels
D6. Classless. Skill Trees. Adrenaline. Social Proficiency.
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Author's Notes

I'm still not sure if I'm in love with Lady Baguette or absolutely haunted by her image. All I know is I want to be Lady Baguette for Halloween next year hahahah. Only two people have seen the first photo bash I created to start her design and I refuse to curse any other living being with that image xD Sorry Sapha and Dazz!

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