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Shoutout to Sapha for coming up with the name for this spell, it was a struggle and I went through many terrible names before the rescue!
Have you watched The Baguette Bunch's latest episode? Can you believe what Jam did to her sister? Talk about family drama. I've got to replace my pizza dough soon, the connection is getting a little fuzzy.
— Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Created by Doughlightful Networks as a method to distribute their content on a wider basis. While it was protected a sold with licenses for the first few years, the spell was released for free use for all and has remained a free service.
Origin: Chaff
Creator: Doughlightful Networks
Domain: Entertainment
Material Components: Pinch of spices worth at least 5 gold pieces, dough
Upon casting Foccastia, the caster designates a dish within touch range to undergo the enchantment. The spell requires 10 minutes of focused preparation, during which the caster incorporates the spices as a material component into the dish.   For the next hour, the enchanted dish becomes a scrying surface, allowing casters to view through the dish or displaying illusions upon the dough. The illusions could range from dynamic landscapes to animated stories, transforming the dining experience into a magical journey.
All Foccastia enchanted dough is connected to Doughlightful Networks. Popular shows include:
  • Saut√© and the City
  • Grain of Thrones
  • Dough or No Dough
  • Fryday Night Bites


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Jan 15, 2024 01:04 by E. Christopher Clark

My favorite show was Batterstar Rawlactica, of course.

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