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The Immortal Giftgiver, Punisher of sleepless souls and evil delinquients

As the bitter chill of winter sets over the land of Vertinall, the inhabitants set their minds forward. They must brace themselves for the coming storm, the unrelenting presence of Another. An unforgiving, vicious force of nature that holds no mercy and leaves no citizen unaddressed.   You better watch out, you better not weep...   The Immortal SANT looms while you're in your sleep.  

He sees you

You know the drill by now. Once every year, as the sun rises and falls the quickest, and the air is at it's coldest, children and adults alike are warned to stay in their beds, and make not a sound, lest they invoke the fury of SANT. SANT is a being of supernatural origin, with no clear or consistent knowledge of his Origins, age, or mortality; But given the fact that he's been scaring the crap out of everyone for as long as we can reasonably document, its fair to say he's been around for as long as people have.   You know that feeling you get sometimes where you're on your own, and there's just that gnawing thought in the back of your head to just scream out noise at the top of your lungs? That. That's SANT.   As darkness falls on the Silent Night, SANT is set loose, breaking into the homes of every single inhabitant without failure and bestowing upon them a single gift.  

That doesn't sound so bad

Oh, well. I mean of course it isn't. Actually the gifts he gets for you are pretty cool, on the condition that you are good.   Morality is of a vital importance to surviving the Silent Night, you must ensure that you have brought some level of good in the world more than you have brought Evil. Should that balance lean towards evil... You are given a different sort of gift. Most commonly, he's been known to eat whatever sources of fuel the house posesses in order to produce fire; Coal especially seems to be one of the most frequent types of fuel lost, even when people have been relatively good. That, combined with the multiple windows he ends up breaking going in and out of the house, households could be left to be consumed by the bitter frost; A cautionary tale to any who would dare to cross him.  
"I.. I can't believe it. An entire stock of charcoal, gone in an instant.. His magics set me to sleep before I could intervene, and when I awoke, all that remained was a single paper-bound box, with a note inside that said 'COLD'. He even signed it.. What an utter Monster..."
— -Mr Muneebaggs, Former Coal Monger

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As it were previously established, no one really quite knows when SANT came into being, which brings to question exactly what his origins are. Some have speculated that perhaps long ago, the being we know now as SANT was once a real, whose deeds left a lasting impression so strong that the sheer collected consciousness of every being that came to know him gathered together to create the terrifying SANT, with this new creature causing a self-sustaining loop of belief, power and potential.   The theory itself brings into question the power of belief as a whole, and it's potential danger should an individual find means to manipulate and fuel the minds of the masses to bring their own deeds into reality.   Either that or it's a Goblin absolutely loaded on Anything. Take your pick.


SANT, for all purposes is clearly Self-Employed, or at the very least a Freelancer, because there's no way in all that is holy that anyone is actually paying this lunatic. Unless telepathically transmitted thoughts count as some form of payment.   Some kids leave him letters though. That's nice, I guess.  
"I left him cookies and milk once, but I don't think it made him happy 'cause uh, he only bit on the cookies once and left a bunch of glitter in the glass..? And then I think he threw the plate at a wall 'cause um.. There were plate bits on the floor."
— Little Timmy, bless him

Personality Characteristics


The entity known as SANT seems to be driven by one thing alone, which is paying every living being in Vertinall their 'Moral Debt' by any means necessary, on the day of the winter solstice.   Liches aren't counted the same by virtue of them being undead; He mostly just tries to steal their bones. Successfully.  
— The Everlasting Dark Lord, Legless Lenny
  There is the other side to this, though. Those who have proven themselves to be good that year are often granted wonderous gifts, miraculously the one thing that they may not have realised they needed until recieving it. It is said that he plucks the idea from the minds of all in Vertinall, and stores them in his delightful PRENSEN BAG, where the latent magic within manifests into the perfect gift tailored for that particular person, gently set at the foot of their sleeping cots and beds.   So you know, he's telepathic on a planetary scale, too. Just keep that little chestnut in mind if you thought about dropping your guard just then.

Personality Quirks

SANT has a little fun quirk I like to call "BEING HORRIFICALLY LOUD WHEN DOING ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING AT ALL." He dives through windows, for god's sake. Or maybe he like.. Smashes them in? It's honestly impossible to know for certain, seeing as anyone that tries to actively observe him gets a good dose of SANT SLEEP and wakes up the next morning with shards of glass in their carpet.   He also leaves behind this weird like.. Dusting of glitter bloody everywhere. I've been cleaning this crap out since last year and now the little gremlin is gonna come back and do it again. I can't even clean it up with magic! It's insane.

Spoken Languages

I'm pretty sure people have only ever heard this guy spouting out in the Common tongue, and honestly even that is barely put together. Maybe he has his own special language that is beyond our comprehension, or uh.. Maybe the utter wreck he leaves homes in is some kind of symbolism that we just don't understand, if that helps you sleep at night (Note: It wont).
by TheDumbOwl (Me)
Artist rendition of SANT's Physical appearance. Details unconfirmed. Artist wishes to remain 'An octopus.'
Shin-biting level
Quotes & Catchphrases
[Feral Coal-eating sounds]

Dear SANT,

Thank you for the Teddy Bear that I got before, I cuddle him all the time. For this Night can I maybe get a small one instead? This one is really really big and we got him stuck in my door, and now I have to use the ladders by the window   Thanks   Suzy

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Author's Notes

  W h a t. I still can't quite believe that my boy, SANT, landed Best Article as voted by the community. Bless you all, for enjoying and loving my unhinged little Santa goblin.

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AAAAA Man this is SPOOKY as HECK. I'm shaking and crying I'm so bloody scared. Delightfully funny, fits your world perfectly, good sir. Love it love it.

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OhNo.... what is SANT's perception of good and evil? I'm afraid to ask - w... what if it doesn't align with my own? :O :O

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That's the best part!   You don't know. You just hope.

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SANT. WITH GLITTER.   (I love this article, please don't break my windows.)

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Love the chaos of this little bastard.

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Wow, this is the best holiday episode of anything I've ever seen. Clever quotes, bless that poor timmy.   Great stories, great puns. Just... amazing. All fear SANT

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FIRE -SANT   The glitter is volatile sorry

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"Dear SANT,   Thank you for the Teddy Bear that I got before, I cuddle him all the time. For this Night can I maybe get a small one instead? This one is really really big and we got him stuck in my door, and now I have to use the ladders by the window"   The existence of a "Teddy" bear implies that Theodore Roosevelt existed in this bizarre place.

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Your mistake is assuming anything here makes sense

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Too late, Theodore Roosevelt existing here is now my headcanon and you cannot stop me.

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Love the children's reactions XD Did people try to spend the night in other houses to try to keep their own windows intact? XD

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I feel like I should give feedback to this article but I fear if I do that I'm going to get on whatever naughty list SANT has.   And I'm certain he just wouldn't listen to my feedback and keeps eating my coals anyways.   (Either way love this character, it's so stupid of an idea it rolls back into being absolute genius)

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The time of SANT has subsided... For now. The clock resets and moves ever forward.   (Feel free to give feedback x) )

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So that's why I have my racing wheelie and pedals now! SANT gave it to me.. or does he have a competitor? o.O   Eitherway, I love this article. It's just... perfect, and that's the best feedback I can give. I adore the tone, the funnies, just everything, really. I hope I can tip the scale to good this year, so I get a nice visit from SANT. ^^

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Hide your windows and coal! Lest you want to trade them for door-sized teddy bears. A lovely reimagining of santa :D

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The absolute charm and character of this staggers me. You had a vision for your theme, and it looks like you nailed it.