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Projector Film

Projecter Film is a thin plasticine cloth with sown-in light matrix for creating holographic surfaces. The lightweight material can be used within tapestry, or inlaid into metallic surfaces. There is a sterilized fabric cut that can be grafted onto skin to make Holographic Tattoos. The fabric holds its own small electrical charge and can gain power through movement against the wind or by solar exposure.

Producing the material requires modern microelectronics and textile mill methods so while it is common on well-established worlds, colonies have to have their supply imported at a high price if there is any access at all.

Projector film has a centuries-long lifespan if they are left in good conditions. It is not uncommon for Prospectors & Eulogists to find still functioning projector film on signs and buildings in the ruins of failed cities and colonies.

Projector film brought an entirely new dimension of self-expression to our universe. The ability to program the appearance of your windows, curtains, clothes or even your bare flesh, meant that anyone with enough know-how could completely overhaul their surroundings with a quick trip to the store.

— Media Historian


The process of manufacturing Projector Film involves weaving fabrics out of small micro-filaments capable of exuding and projecting light. Yards of material can be printed out in seconds, and usually each roll will share the same base coloring. These bright colors will shift and change as their end users program them via an ironClad interface.

These micro-filaments can be sown into many different types of cloth, from durable faux-leathers and the most gentle of silks. They can also be embedded into metallic surfaces through a soft chemical weld into the surface.

Projector film for use in bodies has to be put into a special synthetic skin that can be used for grafting.

The shop-floor hummed with constant activity. Textile rollers chugged away at a blurry pace. Yards of cloth, twinkling with freshly weaved light matricies pilled onto the floor before being hoisted high into the air.

On the floor, a pair of technicians with data slates tested each of the bolts as they were lifted. Technicolor spectrums lit up from the surface of the cloth, flickering through millions of hues and colors. The technicians watched the display with scrutiny.

Once the technicians were pleased with the tests, they pressed the confirmation buttons and let the robotics package the cloth into their final bolts.

In the frame of three minutes, several hundred yards of cloth had been weaved, tested, and packaged in this small facility.

I really think this has all gotten a little out of hand don't you think? Dave's got a hammer that literally projects giant "bonks" as he crushes in someones skull.

Horknar's rifle literally goes "BANG" every time it shoots.

We don't live in a comic book, this sort of flashy shit is gonna get us all killed.

Background generated via MidJourney

Projector Orga-Grafts

Projector film is combined with Orga Technology to create custom living murals that can be grafted onto living tissue and fueled off a persons natural electrical current. It can also be grafted onto other Orga technology such as armor and augments, which makes it a popular addition for Anthro and other body mod enthusiasts.

The only difference between the orga and mecha lines of Projector film is the base 'fabric' used. For Orga-grafting, the light matrices are baked into a blank skin canvas. These fleshy canvases can then be tattooed onto the desired surface by someone with specialized Orga-grafting tools.

The equipment can then be programmed by a paired CommLink or other ironClad interface.


To work with Projector films, one must be as good at the arts as they are with technology. A steady hand and sharp mind are required to both graft the projector film onto a body, and program it to display as the user intends.

Getting grafting work done in a subpar enviroment can lead to nasty infections that will void the warranty on the graft.

Projector Tattoo Artist

With the Projector film, I can help people bring their ideas to life.

And with projector film, you only need to reprogram it should you change your desire.


Those with the right connections and Rukta (Currency) can have their entire skin grafted with Projector film. They can then completely revamp their appearance at will or have full body dioramas.

On occassion, people will forgo clothes in exchange for holographic tattoos. Though users may catch the occasional judgemental glare.

Yanta Holographic Lume Tattoo Full
Yantra Lume Tattoo by Midjourney

With every Yantra, I tell another story.

I commit another experience to memory.

I take what is inside the mind, and shift it to my canvas.

Yantra Purist and Tattooist

Pictured in Background - Nadtarhia Lume Parlor

Lume Parlors specialize in grafting projector film onto skin, and will assist new users on initial programming and import of media. Nadtarhia is a reknown parlor on Victoriana, but you can find Lume Parlors anywhere where Projector film is readily available.

Background generated via MidJourney

Cover image: Yanta Hologram Lume Tattoo by Ademal


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Dec 18, 2023 05:26 by Morgan Biscup

I am a sucker for fun technology articles that mesh well with the world around them, and you have outdone yourself on this one. I love it. It's very Ethnis and very cool and the perfect mix of absolutely practical and "Because we can, darnit!" and I love it.

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Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Dec 18, 2023 16:56 by Barron

Why thank you Solarcat, it was a ton of fun to write and gussy up. Been fun letting the formatting tell a story

Dec 18, 2023 16:56 by Barron

Why thank you Solarcat, it was a ton of fun to write and gussy up. Been fun letting the formatting tell a story

Dec 18, 2023 10:50 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I would love to be able to put this over my window and be able to have different views to write with. <3   The formatting on this article is absolutely amazing.

Dec 18, 2023 16:56 by Barron

Friggen right? Imagine looking out your curtains and seeing the rays from a tropical paradise, or the depths of the corralum without any of the man-eating critters! Great inspiration!   Glad you enjoyed <3

Jan 2, 2024 22:12

A very cool concept! Does wearing a lot of it has some negative health consequences?

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Jan 6, 2024 18:33 by Barron

Thank you Kajetan! For the most part, the technology has matured to the point of being safe. You'll find people covered in projection film. Just make sure you have it properly programmed and controllable, else you may find yourself losing sleep or glowing bright in awkward circumstances.

Jan 6, 2024 07:49

Wonderful concept and a beautifully designed article. Great work Barron, it was a very enjoyable read.   The quote in the middle did confuse me a little bit, as a lot of the article makes it seem like you change what is displayed on the surface, but "the hammer projects BONK.." makes it seem to me like that particular projection is out into the air around/above the hammer, as opposed to on the hammer itsself.

Updated soon.
Jan 6, 2024 18:35 by Barron

Glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to revisit that quote. And Projector film can actually cast holograms, so you aren't in the wrong there.

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