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Also known colloquially as Furries, Anthros are Transmogs who identify with creatures real or fictional. They install Therians Wetware to reflect this identity, ranging from eye swaps and tails all the way through full-body replacement.

In most corners of Ethnis, Furries are not well understood by outsiders, and are treated as strange. The most heavily modified Anthro civilians keep to Anthro communes or become hermits and pariahs.

While anthro it is a Human term with its own associations, the mindset and practice behind it go much further back. For example, the Luea began as a druidic cult, and Alephus Ashiman invented the Sazashi from his own flesh out of admiration for the Sazakraht.


Dependant on wealth, acceptance, or aspiration, the changes an Anthro undergoes may range from minor cosmetics to full-body replacements.

Despite their differences, most anthros know several more, and it's possible to find most if you ask around for long enough. The stars are no distance too far when many Anthros are motivated to create links through the various Æthernets to stay in contact.

Kin / Mimi
Catboy, by Midjourney

Kin enthusiastically embrace Psioware and its associated behavioral changes to forge a spiritual link to their identified Morphs, eager to explore what they might become.

Found in most cities and towns.

Technology / Science | Jun 4, 2024
Full / Kemo
Dracomorph, by Midjourney

Anthros embrace full-body transformation to embrace into their chosen Morphs.

While most will stick to a single Morph, some will integrate multiple creatures into one, or add elements from mythological creatures.

It is in smaller niches that you find subgroups such as Celestiods, Cryptids, and groups stranger still.

Found in communes or hermitages.

Leviathan / Kaiju
Leviathan, by Midjourney

Limited mostly to the Haimarchy, Leviathans shape their body over hundreds of years to become massive godbeasts with an internal crew of Aspirant apprentices.

Found in remote or sacred places.

Vehicle | Jun 4, 2024

Leviathan are golems created by organic, mechanical, and metaphysical means—a marriage of all three Tech Clades. The range from a couple meters in height to a kilometer in length.

Becoming Anthro

In order to embrace becoming an Anthro, you need a combination of Wetware and Psioware to transform your body and mind to match that of the creature you associate with — your Morph. The Psioware will help you to adopt the Wetware faster however it will also populate your thoughs and dreams with notions and fragmented memories that aren't your own, figments of the creature's mind integrating into your own. If you are not prepared for this, it can trigger Therianthropic Psychosis.

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Reception of anthros vary across cultures.

Andromeda SyndicateTolerated: Within the Syndicate, it is closely regulated and mostly exists as a counter-culture movement among Net-Leeches, and it's rare to see full Anthro except among the extremely wealthy or the criminal.

Somnacy of SolAccepted: The Somnacy pays no special mind to anthros, but they are not allowed to have offspring of that Morph and must instead have children which match their birth Sophont.

Free Planet FederationCelebrated: The Federation embraces anthros whole-heartedly, especially those whose modifications gives them an edge over others. The meat market is unregulated.

ValuSelu PactWary: Within the Pact, it is mostly Monoliths who have the access to the means needed to go full Anthro. They are respected for their connection to the spirit of nature, but still othered for fear of what instincts they may have inherited.

Vanthric HaimarchyVenerated: The freeing of the soul from the trappings of the body is one of the most core ideals of a Haimarchist. One cannot be seen as truly matured if they're still in the body they were born in.


Morphs are creatures, fictional or real, which the Anthro identifies with and strives to accentuate in their modifications.

Notable morphs include: FelidCanidDraconicRutasUrsine


A body made just to go out in society, usually unassuming or catering to common sensibility.


Refers to the crystalline elements of Psioware.



What people believe in, regardless of the reality.

Anthro are presumed to be competent in biomedical or technical fields, due to their interest in bodymodding and in staying in contact with one another.


Sacramental in their importance.

Swap-Meats or Meat-And-Greets are conventions where Anthros meet up with each other, especially to show off or trade new bioware and psioware.


Social conventions and tells.

Complimenting each other on mods is a welcome greeting.

Many anthros refer to their body in irreverent terms, calling it their meat.

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They believe that the spirit is a liquid whose shape is determined by its vessel. If you change the shape of the vessel, you choose a new, preferable shape for the liquid.

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