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Psioware Drivers

Psioware Drivers contain a Therianthropic Soluma for a user to interface into their soul. The Driver serves as a connection point between a Transmog and their Augments.

Because of the nature of Soluma, these Drivers are encoded with a library of Qualia gathered or created. The more in sync with an Augments the Transmog is, the more these Qualia will become integrated into them, granting them more instinctual use of their Traits. These Qualia may manifest as half-memories and vivid dreams.

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I had that dream again!

I was so small, and the world was so large. It wasn't just in front of me, but around me in all directions, a dome of color and of impossibly far dimensions. Leaves as large as mountains loomed at distances which felt greater than the horizons of my waking world. Dewdrops rolled like silent floods... I felt them strumming along my web — inwards along one strand, angled along another, and back out on the last, never reaching the center.

With each of my feet planted on a different strand, the entire web felt as sensitive as the back of a hand, the nape of a neck, the small of a back. I felt, intimately, the whispered susurrations of the breeze and the humming progress of the dews.

I understood, innately, that a web was not just a tool, it was an extension of my body, my nervous system, and my mouth.

With all the impact of an explosion, a fly collided with the membrane of my web, and I ran delighted along the strands with a song on my lips.

— Dream Journal of a Transmog


While they were once the only way to control an Augment, in modern times they are overshadowed by Wetware Drivers, which are more easily produced and less likely to result in Therianthropic Psychosis.

Still, the dedicated Transmog knows that true mastery of complex augments cannot be achieved without a Psioware Driver. A Wetware Driver merely translates thought to action. A Psioware Driver contains the Qualiac experiences of utilizing the Augment.

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Dec 3, 2023 02:38 by Barron

Damn okay you got me with that spider dream. That was pretty wild and vivid.

Dec 3, 2023 18:39 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Spider dream was so good <3   I love the fact that these drivers are more dangerous than wetware, but certain things can only be achieved by their use.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 3, 2023 22:15 by Ademal

Wetware Drivers allow you to learn it yourself, Psioware Drivers give you the memories of the greats. Some people lose themself happily to these memories, as they identify strongly with these creatures.

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