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Therianthropic Psychosis

Summercamp Prompt: A negative condition that has hidden advantages.

Therianthropic Psychosis is when a Transmog oversaturates their mind with Wetware Drivers and becomes overly influenced by the instincts of all the different Psioware Drivers. This typically results in lasting neurological conditions including siezures, confusion, emotional outbursts, and impulsive behaviors typical of the Thrope's chosen Morphs.

The cause for this Psychosis is an overwhelm of intrusive thoughts from the implants guiding the Sophont on how to use and control their added limbs and organs.

In extreme cases, the subject may enter a non-reversible state of Mataglap Ferality, at which point they are considered beyond saving.


TP is caused by Wetware Drivers -- biomechanical implants which allow the wearer to interface with new limbs and organs in order to control them. Many of these drivers are made from the lab-grown brainstems of the creatures the Trait was made from, and while great measures are taken to remove any residual instincts from the brain, oddities still do occur and compound as the Thrope takes on more Drivers.


The treatment is to move the subject to a low-stress environment and begin removing the Wetware Drivers which have caused the issues in the first place. It is an option that few body-modders wish to take.


Untreated, the likely outcome of TP is a withdrawal from society and a descent into increasingly oblique and erratic thinking. The subjects Sophonce may degrade, and they may suffer neurological damage, strokes, siezures, and death.

Cultural Reception

Though TP is rare, public perception of it has been heavily skewed by horror stories, leading to people suffering the condition having a hard time securing treatment.

Chronic, Acquired
Difficult Parting

While Therianthropic Psychosis is often touted as a reason to not go so far down the body sculpture route that you get into therianthropy, there are many who see it as a boon. Shapeshifters, in particular, invite the condition, believing themselves to have great control over the changes. Urban legends tell of Shapeshifters who passed through madness and transcended into fully untethered Shapeshifters with full control over their body.


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Jul 27, 2023 22:47 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I can just imagine the articles that would come out if tattoos or piercings caused any of these symptoms, so no wonder there is a heavy stigma. Poor people. I like that (some?) shapeshifters think that it is a positive thing.   Loved the notification. XD

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