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I live on a pretty backwater world, my parents focus on how to make a better planet for their kids, not so much on how to improve themselves.   So when my family saw the two offworlders come, I was in awe. They looked half-machine! Their eyes glowed with technology, I watched one of them open a beer by flicking a knife out of their fingertip! Their fingertip! How cool is that?   I wanna get off this tiny world, and see what those guys get to see!

Augments are any modification that are placed inside the body. These can be of any Tech clade, including things such as a subdermal identifying chip, to a crystal-engraved skeleton.

Augments can be purchased or crafted like any other piece of equipment, but also require a medical procedure to install on a user.

The complexity of the medical procedure depends on the Augment's Invasiveness.

Invasiveness Required Equipment Examples
Subdermal Toolkit Tracking Chips, Commlink Augments
Submuscular Workshop Muscle Reinforcement, Organ Augments
Subskeletal Labratory Skeletal Grafts, Bone Reinforcements

In Game

Augments in game work similar to any other piece of Gear. They can give abilities, skill increases, or even act as new armaments.

Augments are listed under inventory and marked as carried once they are installed. They can not be used without being installed first.

You want a gun in your wrist? How about eyes that can see electricty? I got it all here and for a price far better than any corporate pusher!

— Backalley Augment Dealer


Envenoming Thorn
Favors: Mouths, Hands

If it makes contact with flesh, it can be used to inject the contents of the venom sac. You may change and refill the contents of the venom sac during downtim.








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