Lume Holographic Tattoos

Written by Ademal

Lume Holographic tattoos are glowing skin decorations.   Lambent bacteria is injected into the dermis. It feeds off of ultraviolet energy and by leeching minimal amounts of nutrients from the flesh. The bacteria glows in low or blacklights, and comes in the full spectrum of colors.   Not to be confused with Photophores.

Culturally Ubiqutous

On top of being as popular as traditional tattoos, lume tattoos are popular mediums for people to express their Yantra.   They are also often combined with dermal hologram projectors to such great effect that they can be hard to distinguish from Affectations of Grace—a fact which some are not fond of and consider to be disingenuous.
Parent Technologies
Related Movements Hologlam Fashion
Tech Clade Orga.
Access Ubiquitous. It is a common fashion accessory.
Complexity Advanced.
Making the bacteria requires proper equipment, and is cheaper to just purchase.

Installing it requires an AutoTat Rig or an artist with a steady hand.
Manufacturing Mass-Produced.

Cover image: Yanta Hologram Lume Tattoo by Ademal


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