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The BecCanal

Thanks to the BecCanal, our citizens can bask in the holy waters of our mineral springs any time! The canal's creation was sponsored by the Beckett family in the early years of our town to bring the cool, healing waters of the mineral springs down through the city of Beckettville. This not only provided an easy, cheap source of water for our city, but also filled out our delightful Beckett Lake!

The Healing Powers of Our Water

Our founding family discovered this lovely land due to local rumors of healing mineral springs. By the graces of Dolōrem, our land was bursting with small pools of cold, therapeutic water: the blood of our deity. The Becketts discovered the restorative properties these springs could hold and quickly established Beckettville on the spot!

Partake in the miraculous healing power of our mineral springs without leaving the safety of Beckettville!
  Our springs have been clinically proven by BecCo pharmacists to cure:
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Blood Clots
  • Bronchitis
  • Cancers*
  • Cholera
  • Common Cold
  • Gout
  • Heart Disease
  • Influenza
  • Listeriosis
  • Measles
  • Psoriasis
  • Rabies
  • Thick Ick
  • Upper Respiratory Infection
*Proven to fight against inherited cancers, current testing underway for non-genetic types.
  Orion Mineral Water is the best, healthiest water on the planet. You won't find water anywhere else.
  Remember to pay your Orion water bill in full each month to continue service.
  Beckettville, The Hiram Beckett Company, and Orion Mineral Water are not liable for any discomfort, distress, illness, or other personal reactions to Orion Mineral Water.
Sponsors: The Beckett Family
Nicknames: The Vein of Dolōrem
Location: South-East Beckettville
Type: Manmade Canal

Public Works

Our dedicated Public Works sector is committed to keep our beautiful city clean and healthy. With robust Utilities Maintenance, Grounds and Facilities Management, and Waste Management, our departments work around the clock without complaint.

Orion Bottling Plant


Back in 1956, our Beckett family saw an open opportunity. The world was missing out on our refreshing mineral water!
  Word spread quickly of the new health craze: Orion Mineral Water, straight from Beckett Springs! By building a new bottling plant up against the BecCanal and below the springs, Orion was able to speed up production and distribute our beverage on a worldwide scale.
  In less than 10 years, we had expanded to three times our size with distribution centers across five continents. Our surplus of mineral water has been healing humanity for nearly three centuries!
  Aren't we lucky to live right alongside the Vein of Dolōrem?

Running low on mineral water?
Stop by the plant for a free bottle!

The Vein of Dolōrem
Lo, and our Praised rises from the pools of gleaming health.
They breathe life into our world, our people, our saved.
Turn not from the blood of Dolōrem, for it flows forth in good faith.

Points of Interest

The Strip

Enjoy a day of shopping, entertainment, and amazing rides at the Strip! Our outdoor shopping center covers 13 blocks along our stunning BecCanal and features a little something for everyone. Get the best prices on your favorite brands from designers like Tammy Clifform, Rift Outlet, Der Tiegel, H.Corps Factory, and more! Join our exclusive StripClub for members only discounts, offers, and extended shopping hours.
The Pier
When you've finished shopping, grab a corndog and take a ride on our Dolōrem Wheel to watch the sunset! Go for a stroll to relax alongside the WildLyfe© or challenge your friends to a few rounds at Game Alley! Get a QuickPick and jump on rides ahead of the crowd!

The Market

Every Saturday from 6am-11am along the BecCanal our gracious donors at BecCo bring out any leftover products from the previous week. All stalls are run by your friendly Archons so you can expect a civilized, safe, and lovely time at the Market. First come, first serve!

Game Alley

Located on the Pier between 12th and 13th street, Game Alley holds over 40 vintage arcade machines, live carnival games, challenges, and exhibits! Our Pier Guides are always on standby to ensure you have the best day at our park, so be on your best behavior!
Are you looking for discounted fruits, vegetables, and other BecCo edible products? Look no further! At the Market, we offer our citizens fabulous, slightly out of date, surplus from our grocery stores.
Check out Game Alley and win fabulous prizes! Now showing Walt Rivers Follies, starring Johnny Jingle and Franni Dupont, at our famous Brandy Theatre on the water! Tickets on sale now!
Daily rides up and down BecCanal provided by Orion's Boat Tours.
Relax and listen to the fascinating tale of prophesy and protection that provided us with Beckettville today!
Our narrowboats have been fashioned from the phoenix-like remains of our original Church of Spring!
Read more about us below!

Life Around BecCanal

BecCanal is one of the most popular areas in all of Beckettville! Bustling with citizens and new WildLyfe©, the canal has quickly become one of the most diverse areas of our wonderful city.

Our most recent category of WildLyfe©, our funny little frogs and newts are such a pleasant addition to BecCanal and Beckett Lake. You can get your very own bullfrog now at your local BecCo Pet and WildLyfe Surplus.


Our good old friends! The very first WildLyfe© revealed to the public, we proudly boast nine species of fish now inhabit our holy waters. Seasonal fishing now available at Beckett Lake!

A Plethora of WildLyfe©

By the graces of Dolōrem, our amazing BecCo development teams have brought life back to our city! It was only a century ago that our children didn't know the sound of a singing bird but now our city is bursting with beautiful WildLyfe©!
  When you take a dip
down by the Strip,
say a healthy hello
to our friends below!

If traces of mist or ooze are discovered, or creatures that have come in contact with them, report your findings to the nearest Archon.
  Please refer to Thick Ick for more detailed information.

What would our skies be without the beautiful sound of our birds? We are so excited to showcase our newest model, the American Robin! First released in November, this colorful species has been warming all of our hearts.


Don't forget to say hello to the friendly otters popping through the canal or gray squirrels skittering across the bridges! They love attention!

The History of BecCanal

Sponsoring the Canal

After a particularly rainy season in the spring of 1941, Beckettville experienced a series of floods due to the mineral springs overflowing and spilling down into the heart of the town. The floods ruined crops and drowned thousands of livestock causing a major commotion among the local farmers. To appease the growing number of angry farmers, the Beckett family sponsored the building of a large canal to lead the overflowing springs safely through the town and into a nearby depression. The opening day was celebrated with a large festival full of food, local entertainment, and a surplus of mineral water served directly from the canal by members of the Orion Company. As the town grew into a city, water systems were put in place and slowly expanded to utilize BecCanal as the main water source for Beckettville.
by Library of Congress
In 1983, the Beckett family sponsored a complete rehaul of the sewer and water systems below the city.
Beckettville now has the most advanced underground systems of any American city!
Please keeps hands, feet, heads, and small children outside of sewers at all times.

The Church of Spring

Come bathe in our miraculous healing waters!
Our doors are always open to those willing to soak their souls in the glory of Dolōrem!

Perched upon the southern sector of BecCanal sits a recreation of the beautiful Church of Spring. The original Church of Spring was built only two months after BecCanal's completed construction and lasted over forty years before it was lost in the treacherous heathen attacks of 1979. Thankfully, with a generous donation from the Beckett Family, we were gifted with our new, glorious building. Created as a safe place to worship the waters blessed by Dolōrem, parishioners would step down into the waters of the canal for services. Standing or sitting in the knee-deep water, they thanked our great deity for protection, health, and wealth before drinking from the flowing stream of mineral water. The pastors began referring to the canal as the Vein of Dolōrem, which quickly caught on with local populace partaking in the blood of our deity.

We're looking forward to your visit!
Visit us any day from 8am-6pm! Open weekdays and weekends!
During open hours you can enjoy recordings of past sermons and take part in the rituals of our ancestors!
Listen to our great leaders of old comfort your fears and enlighten you on the true path to Dolōrem!

The Authorized Museum of Beckettville

Come see our newest exhibit: BecCovations Lab!
Try some of the newest creations coming from our friends at BecCo!
Learn what it's like to become a BecCo Researcher and step into a recreation of our greens lab!

In 1974, the Beckett family made a major donation to our city to fund a new educational program for our youngest citizens. As part of their request, the Authorized Museum of Beckettville was created on the Pier as an edutainment center for all ages. With such a fun and informative museum at the heart of our most popular attraction, how can you avoid a visit?
Art of the Beckett Family
Our most popular featured exhibit! Come see an ever-revolving assortment of artwork from the private collection of the Beckett family. Our current pieces include 47 original Italian Renaissance paintings and tapestries and 29 original Greek and Roman statues!

All images obtained from Pexels, Unsplash, Wikimedia, or created by Emily Armstrong. All icons by FontAwesome. All animal images provided by PhyloPic via public domain.
All photo manipulations and graphic design by Emily Armstrong.

Cover image: by Bastien Nvs


Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my entry! Any feedback is sincerely appreciated and enjoy your time in Beckettville!

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May 9, 2022 23:27 by Michael Chandra

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Thank you! This site is currently the only active part of this project, but there will be much more coming very soon. There are plans for a series of short stories, an audio drama, a novel, and a number of smaller mixed media projects. I'll be sure to update on WorldAnvil as new parts come out!

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Thank you, that's so kind! This was such a fun article to work on :D I can't wait to see how everyone uses the marquee in the future, it's been an absolute blast to play with so far hahah!

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This is great. Looks good. Reads well. Is kinda fun and kinda scary. All fit together in a nice neat package. The WildLyfe is pretty interesting, and I love the bottling plant graphic :)

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Thank you for visiting our righteous city! We're so glad you've enjoyed the sights. If you have trouble finding your way out, please ask the nearest Archon for assistance. Don't forget to stop by The Pier and take your chances on winning your very own replica ooze! - Thank you for the lovely comment!! This was such a fun challenge to work on! :D

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Jun 25, 2022 20:32 by Annie Stein

This is absolutely incredible! Every little twist and turn of the knife, like Wildlyfe© casually letting us know all animal life was eradicated, the misaligned advertisement for the Church of Spring, and even the wordplay in the title itself. Horrifying work, and I say that with love!

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