Welcome to the Waste Management Department!

Beckettville’s Waste Management Department is made up of two divisions working together to accomplish a common goal: to keep Beckettville sanitary and respectable.

Our Vision

An impeccable system of waste management and streamlined disposal.

Our Mission

To protect and cleanse the homes of Beckettville from harmful waste.


Waste Management has pledged to keep the homes of Beckettville clear of filth and hazardous waste. With no consumer incidents in over twenty years, our department operates and cleans the various disposal units around our city. Any non-burnable items are processed and recycled where applicable, most often turned into useful BecCo products!

We Are Hungry For Your Feedback!

We're always looking to improve the great city of Beckettville and rely on our citizens to help us fill the cracks. If you have any questions or comments, come down to Public Works and ask for a feedback card. You will be promptly led to a quiet room with a Waste Management Representative to acknowledge and execute.


Richard Dreck

Field Supervisor

A proud proponent of public purification projects, Mr. Dreck has made major strides in waste management and consumer recycling in his last fifty years of service.
LOCATION: Public Works

Waste Disposal

Three times a week our Waste Disposal Team deploys across Beckettville to inspect and sweep home incinerator units. Make sure your units are openly accessible for our teams or receive a mark on your citizen ID!


We love doing our part to protect our environment! All citizens are provided with built-in recycling containers alongside their home incinerator units. Be careful not to mix the two or counselling sessions will be scheduled.


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