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The Order of Sons of the County, House of Evinor, in Desuduntre

The Order of Sons of the County, House of Evinor, in Desuduntre, commonly known as the Order of the Hawk, is a noble institution founded as a military society approximately a century passed in Arilade, County province, of Adinerado. It was formed to protect merchants and envoys to Studpreox on their way to establish trade relations. Its members have commonly been known as the Hawk Knights, having a small, pledged military membership, serving as a defending military order for the protection of the realm.  


The knights wear blue surcoats with a silver hawk, granted by Count Rimufig in the year 1198. The coat of arms representing the Cavalier is shown with a red border around the charge. All lower ranks have no border, but rather a cadence in the upper half, on the sinister side. Their commanders have a horse bust cadence within the charge. Bannerets have a helm cadence, Companions have a spur cadence, Bachelors have a sword cadence, and Squires wear the charge on the field, alone.   Donning heavy armor consisting of a great helm, gorget, cuirass with light gambeson beneath, pauldrons, rerebrace, couter, and vambrace, steel mittens, hose and chausses, tasset, leather boots, and greaves with poleyns affixed. Occasionally with sabatons attached. Commonly carrying round, medium, steel plated wood, boss gripped shields.  

Education and Training

At age 14, Demesne born pages are made a squire and assigned a County knight to serve and learn from directly. He cares for the armor and weapons, tends to the horses, relay messages, announces arrivals, and any other chore the Knight deems fit. During this time squires also learn the art of falconry, hawking, and hunting. Their combat training is also formalized at this point. They learn to use all the various weapons at a knight's disposal as they care for their masters' weapons, even acquiring some of their own, and learn to joust with the quintain.   After having proven himself capable, no earlier than age 21, he is knighted and swears allegiance to the Earl. Upon being knighted he is given a sword and spurs, representing his rank of bachelor knight, and is allowed to wear the appropriate cadence in the charge. He will then serve at a castle or manor as a sword, hunt, gate, and horse master for no less than one year each. Once this service is completed those who are first born sons will return home to serve their fathers as heir to his title and holdings. Second born sons can become Companion knights and be given a castle or manor to protect as a Castellan or Bailiff respectively. They officially enter the College of Knights at this point.


This knightly Order is led by a Cavalier of the County. It has two Battalions led by Commanders, each having two Banners led by Bannerets. Further having three Companies each, led by Companions. Each having ten Platoons led by Bachelors. Made up of five Squads led by Squires. All of whom are from noble families. Each Squad consists of either eight spearmen or horsemen, or twenty bowmen. The usual platoon breakdown is one squad of bowmen, three of spearmen, and one of horsemen.

Public Agenda

It is their job to defend the County, the nobles within, and all their holdings. They come to the aid of the citizenry when called upon. Defending all from threats both foreign and domestic.


While they are not allowed to own land, their property is extensive. They have horses, armor, weapons, and servants. They have an abundance of Coinage due to the toll roads they administer and protect. Though they allow tolls to be paid in services rendered and barter as well. They own a fleet of covered wagons and mules to pull them. In those wagons, along with their standard gear, they carry their siege equipment. Battering rams, trebuchet, ballista, belfries, and sapping picks and shovels fill their stores. Each knight has his own hounds, hawks, or falcons for hunting. They operate out of a citadel in Desuduntre and pay rent to the High Council.


After the Summoners banded together and formed the Church of the Great Mother and captured Faraus Ofim Catior in the Nubar Une from the Einjar in 1160/7A, many believers made the pilgrimage to various sacred sites in the northern reaches. Though the city itself was secure under the church's control, the rest of Studpreox was not. Bandits and marauders preyed upon pilgrims, who were regularly slaughtered, sometimes by the score, as they attempted the journey from the pass at Arilade to Elado.

To aid, to protect, to guard

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Military, Knightly Order
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Order of the Hawk
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Hawk Knights
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