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Nubar Une

During the Einjar invasions, after the second such assault, the Aeonian summoners under the name "Church of the Great Mother" called on the Arresian Dukes to come to their aid and recapture Catior. This holy war was a resounding success.

The Conflict


The Aeonian turned to the Arres Dukes for aide in retaking the site of Catior. The Dukes, in fear of further incursion, agreed and sent their forces to help.


A regiment from each Dukedom was deployed to aid the Aeonians. All officers were taught to thread vita and learned bestial skills, which they later shared with their men. A platoon was assigned to each individual summoner.


The fields and hills immediately around Catior, then up the coast all the way to the burning lands of Intoncuilado.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

Gillespie teaches non Aeonians to thread Vita and learn bestial skills, developing martial skills.   Church develops counters, wards, and dispelling.   The covenant was revealed.   Develop weave detection, with Nymphir help, to find and take Relics.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Year 1154 of the 7th Age
Ending Date
Year 1160 of the 7th Age
Conflict Result
Retaking Catior.


  • Renscroprec to Elado


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