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The Aeonian people were proud and noble. Descended from the Gods themselves, they ruled in every corner of the world where they chose to reside. Once they had a great empire spanning the continent, but now they are spread out in remote kingdoms, keeping to their strongholds and maintaining what power they have left. They have increased durability and longevity, with occasional power manifestation from their divine lineage.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Adoni, Adrasteia, Alala, Alekto, Alexia, Amaltheia, Apphia, Arcadia, Atropos, Calisto, Chloris, Cymone, Damalis, Desma, Dorcia, Efemia, Eleni, Eumelia, Evdokia, Frona, Gorgophone, Hypatia, Io, Iris, Kalypso, Klytie, Leda, Ligeia, Melantha, Melita, Natasa, Nephele, Nikoleta, Ourania, Penelope, Persis, Philomena, Phyllis, Rhoda, Semele, Sotiria, Tanis, Thecla, Zenais

Masculine names

Aetius, Ambrose, Arius, Antony, Bastian, Cosmo, Cyril, Denys, Diogenes, Dorian, Erastus, Eugenius, Galen, Gregor, Hector, Jerome, Klaus, Nicodemus, Orion, Orpheus, Pericles, Petre, Piers, Rastus, Sebastian, Thaddeus, Themistius, Xander, Zeno


Major language groups and dialects

Speak Aeonian in court, but the common tongue for the region the rest of the time.

Common Etiquette rules

Men make military and political decisions while women are the spiritual leaders. Eat with a knife and spoon. Fruit and cheese with biscuits for breakfast, rice with sweet vegetables and eggs for lunch, meat and cheese platters with bread for dinner, and a salad after.

Common Dress code

Men wear pants and tunics or a robe in warmer weather. Stay clean shaven with close cropped hair. Women exclusively wear robes made of silk or cotton. Brightly colored with matching jewelry and sandals.

Art & Architecture

Their art is done on pottery and mosaics on walls, telling stories of heroes of old from myth and legend.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The year begins on the first day of Spring.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Every child is named on the celebration of the first Blue moon after their birth. A large familial feast is held and at the stroke of midnight the names are given by the fathers.

Coming of Age Rites

When a girl is of age, approximately 15 to 16, her family holds a party to introduce her to society. At this party all eligible bachelors meet her and, if they have an interest in her, will ask her father permission to court her. The girl is allowed input on the decision of which courtesan she will marry. The extent of her opinion is determined by her father, who ultimately has the final say.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Bodies of the dead are burned so that the mind and spirit of the deceased may escape its physical form and move on to the afterlife. The ashes are interred in a familial shrine with a stone effigy placed as a marker.

Common Taboos

Albinos are considered bad luck and cursed by the gods. Seeing one is a bad omen.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty comes from the contrast of color. So women wear the inverse of their husbands colors or mix and match within their own ensemble. Hair is worn high in a complex bun or pinned up in a braid. To contrast the simplicity of their clothing.

Relationship Ideals

Marriages are arranged by the parents of the betrothed. The man is the head of household and can marry only once, but can have multiple concubines. Only children born from the wife can inherit any land or titles.

Major organizations

Royal family of most countries.


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