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College of Clerics

The collective leadership of the Arresi religions. This organization stands as an effort to keep the peace between men and their ideologies, and control any fighting so that they don't slaughter each other in the name of the gods. The religious leaders control administrative territories within each country in exchange for tithes paid and services rendered, and the nobles and royals enforce the peace. The Church and Fellowship each send representatives to serve as Cardinals. The Druid Circle has honorary ranks attributed to them as visiting dignitaries. The Mauri Shamans are accorded a lesser place of honor.


Marquess is a rank held by the leaders of the Church and of the Fellowship. As well as their top advisors and senior leadership.  They advise the leaders of the land directly on all matters spiritual and vital.

Public Agenda

Protect the peoples souls   Guide the leadership in serving the Gods   Serve the communities in which they reside   Fight back the darkness


Castles, fortresses, and Cathedrals dot the Kingdoms, Dukedoms, and Earldoms. Abbeys, churches, and guild halls stand in every city, town, and village. Relics and Artifacts of great power belong to both main factions of the college. Merchant ships, hundreds of horses, docks, and bridges lay under their control.


Created as a means to keep the peace between the Church of the Great Mother and the Ban Fellowship. A place of honor and leadership while also keeping them independent of each other. The College can be expanded as new religious orders take prominence.


Allotted parcels of land in every settlement, in some cases they administer vast tracks of land on behalf of royalty.


Two companies led by a Companion Knight each, with twenty Bachelor Knights serving as platoon leaders. A standing force of four platoons of cavalry, four of archers, and twelve of infantry await orders.

Foreign Relations

Maintains relations with their individual parent religious organizations and keeps the peace between them. Through this organization they also send emissaries to foreign lands and deal with the Druid Circles and tribal shamans.
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Predecessor Organizations
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Power Structure
Economic System
Gift economy
Legislative Body
The Senior College makes the rules for the whole of the organization and is comprised of twelve Cardinals.
Judicial Body
This College has its own courts for their members and those who transgress against them. Court is held twice a year and adjudicated by one of the Marquess'.
Executive Body
The Marquess is responsible for enforcing all rules established by the Senior College. A company serves directly under each Marquess for this purpose.
Official Languages
Related Species
Related Ethnicities


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