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Any animal that is born with at least one open vita point, or one which opens a vita point throughout its life, is a beast. Strong creatures, intelligent and deadly, they all have some sort of ability that makes them particularly dangerous as compared to regular animals. All animals have three vita points and can open, empower, and concentrate vita through them if given enough time and life experience. Each stage of development, after the first, will cause the beast to grow an additional tail. This gives them a maximum of nine tails. Those with 1-3 tails are lesser beasts, 4-6 tails are greater beasts, and 7-9 tails are superior beasts. Greater and superior beasts are known by other names as well. The Sartrix call them Dafsir, the Druids call them Totems, and the Clergy call them Fiends. Found across the world, but in exceptionally great numbers around the Arresadi River.   Those who open the first point gain the ability to strengthen and fortify itself. By empowering that point they can affect their physical form. And by concentrating vita through it they free themselves of constraint when moving. The second point allows for tricking their preys' senses when opened and reaching out to their mind when empowered. Concentrating vita through it allows for affecting the emotions of those around it, in an aura-like affect. Opening the third point allows them to see their true name and begin to empower their other points. As well as begin to interact with the astral plane. Empowering the third point itself allows them to walk the dreamscape and concentrating vita through it allows for their spirit to walk the waking world free from their bodies. As a result, they have the potential for one or more skills.   Once they have manifested all nine tails, they can no longer sustain themselves with food alone and must consume vita itself.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Used as weapons by the Ban Fellowship and by the Church of the Great Mother. The Druid Circle seeks to coexist with and support them, but will use them as weapons if necessary.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Through their first vita point they can increase their natural physical senses exponentially. Through the second point they can sense and change the thoughts or emotions of others. Through their third point they can see the vita threads and patterns themselves, and sense spiritual beings.
Genetic Descendants
Every tail grown extends their natural lifespan by up to 100 years
Average Physique
Lesser beasts appear as standard animals, if a bit large with extra tails. While greater beasts take on a larger form and can manifest specialized appendages and abilities. Superior beasts begin to take a more monstrous form. Once all nine tails have manifested they can take on a bipedal hominid form.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Greenish hue to their fur, violet eyes, and amber teeth, claws, and horns.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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