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The northern continent of the northern hemisphere, reaching from the north pole to the start of the tropics. A semi circle opening to the Sostaut Sea in the south, it spans over 5,000 miles across from east to west, and the northern most tip is over 2,500 miles from its southern most tip.


Large land mass of over 7 million square miles in the northern hemisphere surrounded by oceans on all sides, ridged with mountains and hills, forests scattered through out, and massive rivers. It is separated into three main sections from west to east, each bordered by mountainous peaks. Climate zones go from Polar in the north to Temperate at the middle, and Subtropical in the south. The west and east each have a long meandering river that brings life and power to the area. The center section is more dry and desolate with an occasional lake providing its fresh water. To the north is a frigid ocean and to the south lies the warmer Sostaut sea with many smaller islands. The prevailing winds travel from west to east, making the western half of the continent warmer and wetter than the east.


To the north, the Summer Stream and North Frigia Drift warm the continent. Southern Esborea has a warm but mild climate. With frequent summer droughts. Mountain ridges affect conditions as well, some of which are east-west oriented, allowing the wind to carry large amounts of water from the ocean to the interior. Others are south-north oriented, with rains falling primarily on the seaside creating large swaths of forest.

Ecosystem Cycles

The majority of this continent experiences four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. As the weather changes from warm to cold many smaller animals migrate south toward warmer climes. The northern predatory animals tend to hibernate during the winter months. At the northern most reaches it is a never ending winter, desolate and unforgiving.

Fauna & Flora

The main natural vegetation cover is mixed forest. Conditions for growth are very favorable. Western and Central Esborea have mostly beech, oak, redwoods, and broadleaf; with spruce, birch, maple, elm, pine, and larches to the north. Along the south you can find olive and cypress. To the east you'll also find eucalyptus, cypress, fir, and blossom trees.   Diverse animal populations cover the continent. With brown Bears in the mountains and grey wolves in the forest there is no shortage of predators. Wild cats, foxes, and jackals can also be found alongside them. Forests are home to smaller critters such as hares, beavers, squirrels, raccoons, and badgers. Vipers, grass snakes, frogs, tortoises and turtles, and varied birds like owls, pigeons, ravens, crows, doves, vultures, and hawks can be found across the landscape. Deer roam the forests, goats trek the mountains, and sheep graze the meadows alongside cows and pigs. Horses and donkeys can be found in scattered populations. Fish of every type can be seen in the rivers, lakes, and seas. With dolphins, sharks, and whales filling in the Sostaut Sea.

Natural Resources

A multitude of resources can be found and exploited across this land. Plentiful forests provide various types of wood and wild life while mountains provide stone and metals. Rolling hills from coast to coast provide plenty of grazing for sheep, cows, pigs, and goats. Wide open fields provide suitable land for farming scattered across the lands. Rivers provide fresh water and many types of fish. The open seas are home to whales, dolphins, sharks, and innumerable fish. Plants and herbs can also be found in great quantities for those who know what to seek.


Formed when Kab-Rael fell from the heavens and impacted the world. The crater and shock waves left behind one large continent rising from the ocean. Over time the beings that roamed this land affected change in the landscape to suit their own needs. This ongoing conflict resulted in the continent being cut in half, the northern part being Esborea and the southern being Opreunox.
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