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Any who is tainted by the use of the infernal path. They learn forbidden secrets and further spread the Taint. Their power comes from the Baalim through the Gabyun. They have sold their souls for power. The more they use them the more they suffer from anxiety, paranoia, and nightmares. They are led down this path by their own desires and the whispers of the beings that inhabit these scrolls. When these Colacho die, their souls are sent to vosculhu with the beings who've empowered them. Fated to serve for eternity. There are three factions within that vie for control of this world and the next. The fire, force, and shadow pacts.


Members act alone or in a coven of up to five, organized in order of power.


The Colacho use their maledictions to summon daimon, maleform, and madragora to do their bidding. Their most common foot soldiers are the insectoid daimon because they're easier to come by and control, due to their fewer malochio. They also have Murasan clans following their orders and several tamed nyxir under their control.   Each maleform or madragora under their control can also summon an insectoid swarm. Tethered to them by their crowns, they all act together as a hivemind under the colacho queen.

Technological Level

Every Colacho learns the ritual to create a Phylactery. This item can contain their soul and keep the body from dying so long as the soul is contained within. They use it to protect their own soul from being necrotized by their maledictions.   Another common ritual is the creation of Sanguinite, crystalized blood and vita used to fuel the maledictions.   Those affected by the maledictions are plagued by nightmares which manifest Drakir in the astral plane for them to summon.

Cosmological Views

Tragonus is the child of the true creator, and the Baalim are his descendants. Betrayed by the so called Gods, they were imprisoned in the Astral plane, Vosculhu, and left to rot. From the shadows they now seek to return the world to its true purpose and faith. To achieve these goals, they must resurrect the Baalim into this world.   The constellations according to their teachings are the builder, teacher, martyr, warrior, farmer, jester, mother, king, craftsman, judge, actor, and explorer.

Tenets of Faith

Those who serve the Baalim in life will have an honored place among them in death.

Granted Divine Powers

All powers are obtained from the dark scrolls and their continued use. They pray to the Baalim for aid in their quest to spread the taint, and as they gain more power, their sanity wanes. Among their corrupt abilities are the use of conjured Relics, the granting of harmful maledictions, and the appearance of infernal servants.   Their commonly used maledictions include "left eye of the king," "silver coin," "mesmerizing beauty," "veil of death," "sprouting chains," "currents of despair," and calling forth nyxir from the halls of the damned. They are also the only ones who can summon Saligia vessels.   This cult also makes servants of hound, boar, elk and vulture maleform, trees and bushes corrupted with their taint forming madragora, and insect swarm birthed daimon. Nightmares come to life as drakir to carry out their wishes. And anima constrained to their will spread their evil desires.   Led by the Colacho who called them forth from the abyss, these creatures act as one under their mental control thanks to their swarming and hivemind abilities.


The beings that are the power behind this path are the Baalim, spreaders of the corruption and descendants of Tragonus. Depending on their faction they are the avernad of force, lampad of fire, and nergalad of shadows. These beings can be communed with once the Taint has taken enough of a hold in the Colacho.
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