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Baalim Gods

Spreaders of corruption and descendants of Tragonus, the one true son of Luz Fael. It is the baalims goal to return the world to its original purpose of serving Luz Fael in the final battle between the dictators and the free.   The Supreme baalim: Eldest child of the underworld itself.
  • Tronaecia- occult mistress of the dark arts and high priestess of tragonus' will.
The greater baalim: Children of Mischief.
  • Wrath destroys life.
  • Envy takes control of life.
  • Lust seduces life into ending itself.
  • Gluttony consumes life.
  • Greed spreads its own taint to life.
  • Pride gives strength to subvert life.
  • Sloth waits for life to end on its own.
The lesser baalim: Children of the Occult.
  • Ignorance keeps knowledge from the world.
  • Doubt subverts the worlds confidence in the knowledge it does possess.
  • Regret keeps the world wallowing in its lack of knowledge.
  • Fear prevents the world from seeking out new knowledge.


Their are three scrolls that possess the earthly manifestation of baalim power. They are the Neso, Teku, and Zepi Gabyun, which translates to force, shadow, and fire book respectively. The neso focuses on compelling rituals to subjugate the will of others. The teso focuses on transformation rituals. And the zepi focuses on summoning rituals. But all have a few of each. Included in each of the scrolls are the rituals for phylactory and sanguinite creation. The former is used to protect the servants soul and the latter is used to create fuel to power all the rituals.   The baalim have many forces at their command, including drakir, saligia, daimon, maleform, and madragora minions who serve through the colacho.

Mythology & Lore

In the beginning, Luz Fael created man to serve. They lived good and dedicated lives. Until his brother Kab Rael came and descended upon them. With his allies he killed and dismembered Luz Fael, sealed Tragonus out, and wrought havoc within. Then, with his own armies, brought the world under his control and expelled all those who resisted. Over the generations the descendants of Luz Fael have maintained the fight and strive to free the world from the fascistic grip of the cirvaeon.

Cosmological Views

Tragonus is the child of Luz Fael, the true creator, and the Baalim are his descendants. Betrayed by the so-called Gods, they were imprisoned in the Astral plane, Vosculhu, and left to rot. From the shadows they now seek to return the world to its true purpose and faith.

Granted Divine Powers

Their servants are imparted with the means to foretell future events, discover hidden knowledge, summon vile servants, spread disease, and remake themselves in the baalims image. Their senses are sharpened, and bodies are reinforced. While the power flows through their malochio they do not tire or need sleep. Once the power stops flowing the exhaustion becomes unbearable and they fall unconscious. The longer they were channeling the power the longer they sleep. All powers are obtained from the dark scrolls and their continued use. The rituals contained within focus on subjugation, transformation, and summoning.


There are three sects of the colacho cult, one for each gabyun. The avernad of force, nergalad of shadows, and lampad of fire. Either the neso gabyun, teku gabyun, or zepi gabyun are needed to channel this power. The rituals contained within open the malochio to the baalims power and will. There are separate rituals for each malochio and the specific actions they can undertake.
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