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The family of Angim that have ruled, in one form or another, since the birth of the world. They are guardians of the light and protectors of order. Direct descendants from Prexetiel, the creator of the world and father of all mankind.

Public Agenda

To guide mortals to the proper path and lead them to paradise in the light.


The shining city, home to the gods before their fall. Stood at the center of Pandemonium.   Cirvaedheim, home to the gods and gateway to Elysud.   Numerous Relics that were conduits of a specific gods power.


From the vast darkness, light is born to illuminate the celestial sea. And from within the light, three beings of good are formed. Prexetiel, Heciel, and Graxiel, the first Angim. As time passes, more beings are born, both good and evil. There comes a point when evil is too great and the three pure ones seek a respite. Graxiel is chosen to fight the evil, and he seeks strength from the storm and makes a ritual sacrifice. This pleases the storm and its power joins with him on his quest. With the power of the storm Graxiel defeats the three headed serpent queen of evil splits her in two, creating the sky and the lower seas whose waters flood the void. And he is hailed as the first and greatest warrior. Soon after, Heciel allows Prexetiel to sacrifice him, so that a new world could be born of good. His flesh is made into the earth, his bones make the stone of mountains, his hair becomes the forest, his blood spills forth and fills the earthbound seas, his right eye becomes the sun, and the left becomes the moon, his brains spread across the sky as clouds, and his head becomes the vault of the heavens. And his dying breath became the winds of life.   Then the light is brought to shine on the land that life could be born into the world. Prexetiel descends to this new world as its first priest, and all who are good are welcome.    From the earth are born the Lares, personified manifestations of the land. Prexetiel then makes man in his own image to serve and honor the angim. Then using a sacred ritual he uses his own form to create new life. Kab Rael is born to rule, Luz Fael is born to keep the secrets, and Mik Hael is born to defend. Thus are born the classes of men.


Luz Fael and Kab Rael fall in love with the same woman, the mother of all Lares, the Earth. She bears them each a son, but ultimately chooses Kab Rael to wed. In his jealousy Luz Fael uses a ritual to discover his brothers weakness, for he is known to be invulnerable to harm. Using this knowledge he fells his brother with a weapon of mistletoe. He then dismembers the body and throws the pieces in the river.   Erasteus, son of Kab Rael, journeys to find all the pieces, that he may revive his father before his life is extinguished. He finds all but his right eye. Together they seek allies to aid in the battle against Luz Fael and his son Dragon. Graxiel and his sons, Amalius and Cateus, join in this endeavor.   Together they imprison Dragon in Vosculhu and bind Luz Fael to three relics and spread them across the world, dividing his essence in three with them. In this battle Graxiel is slain leaving Amalius to inherit his power. Cateus loses a hand to Dragon and Erasteus suffers injury to his leg leaving him lame.   Kab Rael must then return to the underworld, for his form can no longer be sustained. Before he goes, he fathers twin daughters with the Earth, Fidana and Cimria. When they grow old enough Fidana weds Amalius and bears him a daughter, Hiunia. And Cimria weds Cateus, bearing him a daughter, Fimustia.   Hiunia gathers the remaining Angim and retires to Cirvaedheim, to take a more observational role, leaving the physical world in the hands of the Verdure and Beasts. The Aeonian, with their angim heritage, lead humanity against their new leaders and take their future into their own hands.

Cosmological Views

All souls are born into this world to continue the cycle Prexetiel started, to grow the Vita within the barriers of Elysud. There they nourish the everlasting army that will one day end the war between Order and Chaos.   A soul is born from the union of two others, a bit of vita entering from each, to animate it. The body and vita grow together as they gain experiences. From that soul other souls can then be born, further adding to the total amount of available vita in the world. When the body dies their vita joins the worlds pool of vita, adding to the gathered knowledge and power of the world. The soul traverses the planes, shedding its memories and earthly bonds, as it passes the border of Vosculhu into Elysud. The great river of souls that separates them washes away their essence and deposits it on the shores of Vosculhu, to coalesce and roam the land as nightmares and dreams. Commonly called Drakir by the denizens of the plane. Once a soul reaches the other side they are sorted into their appropriate afterlife. The majority going to the divine garden, where they are laid to rest and a flower sprouts upon them. That flower bears fruit and nectar that sustains the gods and their servants. Those who were sinful are cast into the vast wastes, that their malevolence won't propagate any further. The chosen are sent to the appropriate hall and a new physical form is made for them, that they may serve forever more as Alfsir.
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