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Any plantlife that opens a vita point throughout its life is a verdure. Plants, vines, shrubs, and trees have two vita points and can open, empower, and concentrate vita through them if given enough time and long life. Each stage of development, after the first, will cause the verdure to grow an additional stem, trunk, or flower bud. This gives them a maximum of six stems, trunks, or flower heads. Those with 1-3 growths are minor verdure and 4-6 growths are major verdure. Major verdure are known by other names as well. The Sartrix call them Nymphir, the Druids call them Totems, and the Clergy call them Bellas. Found across the world, but in exceptionally great numbers around the Arresadi River.   Those who open the first point gain the ability to strengthen and fortify itself. By empowering that point they can more greatly sense motion. And by concentrating their vita they can change their physical form and grow in size. Opening the second point allows them to affect the astral plane and those from it. Empowering the second point allows for the use of the dream as a vehicle, existing in both planes at once. Concentrating vita through it allows for the projection of its own form into the physical world. It is in this way they create seedlings.   When fully developed the major verdure is able to uproot itself and walk around the world, free from constraint.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Once the first point is concentrated and it manifests into a larger form these plants become carnivorous. The increased size and power necessitate an increase in nutritional requirements.   Once they have manifested all six stems, trunks, or flower heads they no longer need to rely on physical food for sustenance, but rather can sustain themselves by consuming vita itself.   They seek to lure in beasts, acari, and other verdure to feed on them, as they are higher in vita content. And they will attack any human with strong vita that crosses their path.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Those who seek power and control seek to dominate them in order to access their strength. Fibers from their stems make for better conduits of vita and can therefor hold more complex stitched patterns than normal fabrics. Their parts have a high vita concentration and make for better ingredients in rituals and ceremonies.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They connect with the other flora around them and can perceive anything they can.
Genetic Descendants
Every stem grown adds their natural lifespan upon itself
Average Physique
Commonly manifests as a giant form of its natural appearance but will evolve to bipedal as it gains intelligence. Slowly becoming more hominid in appearance. Takes the form of a young maiden showing the dominant features of their type. So, a flower could manifest with the various colors represented, leafy skin, and petal like hair. While a tree could manifest bark like skin with vines and leaves for hair. A mountainous plant on the other hand could have dirt-like skin and crab grass hair. Any variation from the very feminine to the grotesque is possible.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Vibrant green stems and trunks, violet flowers and leaves, and amber thorns distinguish these plants and trees from the rest.
Geographic Distribution
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