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The Light

The followers of the light believe their purpose within the church is to bring healing. They spend their days tending the sick and their nights in quiet contemplation. And when necessary, they defend the defenseless.   The Light is an elite fighting force, well trained, well-equipped, and highly motivated. One of the tenets of their religious order is that they are forbidden from retreating in battle unless outnumbered three to one or if the Lights flag goes down. Not all members are warriors. The mission of the majority of the members is to support the order and acquire resources that could be used to fund and equip the small number of members who fight on the front lines. There are three classes within the order. The highest class is the knight, donning golden tunics over their armor. The priest class mostly serves as healers. Wearing purple robes, they conduct religious services, lead prayers, and are assigned record keeping and letter writing. The footmen represent the most common class. They hold many positions, including guard, steward, rider, milite, archer, or other support vocations. As the main support staff, they wear black robes and are partially garbed in light armor. Even their horses are trained to fight in combat, fully armored. The combination of soldier and monk was also a powerful one, as to the Illuminated, martyrdom in battle is one of the most glorious ways to die.


Those in this order go by their own titles, different from the rest. Their leader is a Matron or Priest called the Illuminator, then Maiden or Under Priest Soladin command a battalion each, and Senior Brothers and Sisters lead the banners as Hospitallers. A total of seven clergy hold rank in the military forces.   There are four Banners made up of three companies each, with mixed unit types. Each company is comprised of ten platoons. Two of riders and two armati, each led by esquires. Three of milites and one of lancers, each led by a sergeant-at-arms. And two of archers led by centenars. Each company is led by a provost.

Public Agenda

The followers of the light believe their purpose within the church is to bring healing. Those with a great talent for healing generally join the light upon attaining the rank of Sister and Brother. They operate hospitals, public kitchens, orphanages, and provide comfort to those in need.


Headquartered in the prominent Grand University of Fortun City, they have two monasteries, a cathedral, four castles, and scores of hospitals, orphanages, and kitchens under their direct control. This order commands two full battalions, protecting their interests, fully half of whom are bowmen. The knights wear medium armor consisting of a barbute helm, hooded hauberk, pauldrons and vambrace, leather gloves, hose and chausses, with leather boots, and greaves with poleyns. Commonly with steel plated wood kite shields. They maintain stables of gelding rounceys, coursers, and chargers. The common soldiers wear light armor of leather jerkin with light gambeson and coif, leather gloves and boots with greaves. Each occupied territory has a pear or apple orchard, from which they produce cider, perry, and brandy, that is home to a number of Bellas, and beehives from which they collect honey and wax. The grounds are protected by Fiends and patrolled by a clergy controlled angietto. They also maintain dozens of cemeteries and ossuaries, protected by Alfsir vessel guards.

Granted Divine Powers

Through the power of faithful Prayer many works can be done. They pray to the divine for aid in their fight against the darkness, and if their faith is strong, they get an answer. Among the proof of the divine is the use of conjured Relics, the granting of miraculous healing, and the appearance of divine servants.   Their commonly used prayers include "breath of life," "silver coin," "ark of protection," "doves flight," "field of plenty," and calling forth angietto from the hall of the Maralf.   This order also makes servants of cow, horse, dove, or hawk form fiends. Trees planted in their groves grow to Bellas once their halo is discovered.

Forgiveness is the path to healing the world.

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