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The watchers focus on causes of righteousness and justice. They maintain a vigilant eye on the world of man and seek to stop any evil before it can even arise. Their network of eyes and ears is unmatched in the land.


Those in this order go by military titles. Their leader is the Interrogator, and public face of the order. Their maidens and under priests are Questioners, and they lead battalions. The senior sisters and brothers are the Witnesses, and they lead banners. There are 13 clergymen knights in all. Among the senior council of the church one is chosen to be the enforcer of rules from within. They are feared by all and answer directly to the grand mother. This Inquisitor is the true leader of the order.


Headquartered in a cathedral, they have three castles under their direct control. This order commands four full battalions, protecting each of their bases, mostly of pikes and horse. The common soldier wears medium armor consisting of a barbute helm, hooded hauberk, pauldrons and vambrace, leather gloves, hose and chausses, with leather boots and greaves with poleyns. Common shields are center strapped, medium sized, round, steel plated wood. Their cavalry ride gelding rounceys and chargers.   Each base has an apple orchard, from which they produce cider and brandy, that is home to a number of Bellas. The grounds protected by Fiends and patrolled by the clergy riding an angietto.

Granted Divine Powers

Through the power of faithful Prayer many works can be done. They pray to the divine for aid in their fight against the darkness, and if their faith is strong, they get an answer. Among the proof of the divine is the use of conjured Relics, the granting of miraculous healing, and the appearance of divine servants.   Their commonly used prayers include "left eye of the king," "incendiary net," "cleansing wave," "heart of the storm," "grave consumption," "mesmerizing beauty," "sprouting vines," "currents of despair," and calling forth angietto from the hall of the Losalf.   This order also makes servants of lion, boar, or hawk form fiends. Trees planted in their groves grow to Bellas once their halo is discovered.

Let us brace ourselves to our duty.

Military Order
Alternative Names
Inquisitors, ferrets, rats
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