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The covenant is a pact between man and the gods. In exchange for service in this life and the next, priests are granted miracles by their patron. In the first step of their covenant the petitioner opens their patience and temperance gates through the invocation. Followed by the supplication opening the charity and kindness gates. Next is the humility and chastity gates with the exhortation. And lastly the benediction opens the diligence gate. With every gate opened, their power increases. With the diligence gate a direct connection is made between them and the alfsir halls, inscribing their name in the membership rolls to forever serve the gods. The connection is a thread of vita and acts as a tether bridging the realms. Through faithful service they eventually learn the exultation, a direct summons of a celestial being.


When the Alfsir descended upon the earth, led by the gods of myth and legend, they gave man the gift of divine knowledge and inspiration. Amongst those gifts was the covenant. Permission was bestowed upon the chosen to beseech the very gods for aid. By reciting a prayer, they can get a specific gods attention. The prayers and liturgy were dictated by the gods before they returned to the heavens.


The Covenant itself is an agreement between the priests and the gods. The recited prayers are separated into several parts, each with distinct capabilities and levels of power. As members of the chosen ascend in rank within the church they are granted knowledge of the following line of the prayer. The more complete the prayer the greater effect and likelihood of success.   First is the Invocation, the appeal to authority. By calling the titles and epithets of the gods they can gain their attention. Next is the Supplication, a mention of their role in the protection of man. Third is the Exhortation, an urgent plea for general aid in their realm of control. Followed by the Benediction, closing the prayer with an appeal to their lineage. Lastly is the Exultation, a joyful decree of the god's true name. Known only to the highest authority within the church.


Each military order within the church has its own prayer that they learn as part of their covenant. As they learn the progressive lines, all members at or above that level are invited to be present for their first recitation. They learn them one line at a time as they go up in rank in their respective order. Only the highest members of the church know the exultation.   Hall of the Maralf: The Light
  1. Invocation: Hail maiden, messenger of the light and prophet of the mother
  2. Supplication: Blessed art though amongst the heavens and blessed is the warmth of your light
  3. Exhortation: Holy Arnesol, Daughter of the Earth, guide our actions now and all the days of our lives
  4. Benediction: In the mothers name.
  5. Exultation: Hiunia the favored.
Hall of the Losalf: Watchers
  1. Invocation: Great sister, watcher in the night, hallowed is your gaze
  2. Supplication: Your illumination reveals trespasses in the night.
  3. Exhortation: Sacred Isemdrel, guard us from the nightmares in the dark,
  4. Benediction: Glory to the mother.
  5. Exultation: Fimustia the blessed.
Hall of the Dokkalf: The Steadfast
  1. Invocation: Our Shepherd, who defends the flock in the heavens, hallowed is your name;
  2. Supplication: We thank you for herding us through to the blessed pastures.
  3. Exhortation: Save us from temptation Hamuirgui, and preserve us from evils' taint,
  4. Benediction: In memory of the father.
  5. Exultation: Erasteus the honored.
Hall of the Svartalf: Oath Keepers
  1. Invocation: Hunter in the night and protector of the light,
  2. Supplication: your valiant actions have shown us the way.
  3. Exhortation: Lend me your strength, oh Scanqu, that I may persevere through the night as you did,
  4. Benediction: with the fathers might.
  5. Exultation: Crutien the indebted.
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