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The Steadfast

They stand ready for battle and aim to defend all the faithful from the evils that the gods have empowered them to face.


Those in this order go by different titles than the rest of the church. Their leaders are the Crusaders, Matrons and Priests. Followed by the Maidens and Under Priests leading battalions as Paladins, and finally the Senior Sisters and Senior Brothers leading banners as Rangers. Their sponsor, and church patron, is the War Priest. He sits on the high council and acts as general for all the church forces in times of great need.

Public Agenda

To eradicate evil in all its forms for the betterment of all man.


Headquartered in a secluded monastery, they have two cathedrals and four castles under their direct control. This order commands seven full battalions protecting their bases, mostly of pikes and bows. The knights wear medium armor consisting of a barbute helm, hooded hauberk, pauldrons and vambrace, leather gloves, hose and chausses, with leather boots, and greaves with poleyns. Common shields are center strapped, medium sized, round, steel plated wood. They ride gelding rounceys and chargers. The common soldier wears heavy gambeson with¬†leather gloves and boots with greaves. Topped off with a conical helm.   Each base has a pear or apple orchard, from which they produce cider, perry, and brandy, that is home to a number of Bellas. The grounds protected by Fiends and patrolled by a clergy controlled angietto. They also maintain several cemeteries and ossuaries, protected by Alfsir vessel guards.

Granted Divine Powers

Through the power of faithful Prayer many works can be done. They pray to the divine for aid in their fight against the darkness, and if their faith is strong, they get an answer. Among the proof of the divine is the use of conjured Relics, the granting of miraculous healing, and the appearance of divine servants.   Their commonly used prayers include "thunder bow," "lightning arrows," "cyclone hammer," "holy warriors might," "hunters true strike," and calling forth angietto from the hall of the Svartalf.   This order also makes servants of horse, lion, elk, or hawk form fiends. Trees planted in their groves grow to Bellas once their halo is discovered.

Commitment is an act, not a word.

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